Sunday, October 30, 2016

NO CHURCH??? Sunday????

It is rare for me to miss a Sunday at church unless we are out of town.  Starting late yesterday evening and into the night, I just haven't felt well.  My head is kind of stopped up and my tummy doesn't feel just right SO . . .I'm staying home from church this morning.  Mark just left and I'm sitting at the island in the kitchen.  I have a list of "to do's" for today but . . .not sure those are going to happen.  I'm going to try to find the app where I can listen to the radio and hear the sermon today.  I so wish we had livestream. (just stopped and looked - FM99.5 - I heart radio (hope it works at 9:00).

So I'm wondering if I just did way too much this week.  It was a fun week but . . .So just what did I do?
On Monday night, I got a pedicure (that was very relaxing!).  I had a stressful week at work trying to get information input into reports for our North Alabama Conference of the UMC.  The report was already late and I had to input ALOT of info.  I finally locked my portion of the report on Friday -- about 10 days late! (I didn't receive the email with the earlier due date and our report is usually not due until our November ad board so I wasn't in a hurry until the conference office emailed and wanted to know why they didn't have our info!).  All that to say, I needed the pedicure in more ways than one!  I love the nail salon that I use.  The name of the salon is Sapphire and I usually go ahead and get one of the more expensive pedicures because I need the relaxation.

This crazy week started on the heels of a fun weekend.  Laura was home for the first time in weeks and we had extra houseguests and we had folks over to watch the game on Saturday night.

We even made smores with fun square marshmallows!!

Tuesday was a regular day - worked in the office until 2:00 and worked from home on my tablet while I cooked for the young adults  - They arrived and we had a great night!!

Wednesday brought more typing into the conference forms (plus the regular day to day stuff) and dinner with our out-to-eat supper club at a restaurant new to us.  The name of the restaurant is FoodBar.  We enjoyed the company and Mark ordered the Flank Steak -- his didn't look JUST like this.  He ate it so I guess it tasted ok.  He also ordered bread pudding (it was not raspberry like on the menu today).  I ordered the burger and it was tasty.  The French fries were awesome - fresh cut; fried just right.

Thursday brought a new day - more typing into the conference forms plus regular work!  After work, Amy drove through Zaxby's and grabbed us a Zax Snack (or something) and we ate in the car in the parking lot.  We met up with a few other co-workers and drove out to Gardendale First Baptist Church to see and hear Lauren Daigle.  Lauren Daigle was awesome and I enjoyed hanging out with the group!

The concert was sold out.  I went on Gardendale First Baptist Church's website to see if I could find out how many seats are in their worship area (anyone know???) -- I would say at least 2500 (maybe way more).  If you haven't heard her, listen to Lauren Daigle here.  The people behind us saved 3 entire rows of seats!  Amy actually said, "Can you even do that?"  They didn't answer :-)  I left about 9:15 because Lauren Daigle wasn't singing but talking at that point and I knew it would take me at least 30 minutes to drive home.

Friday started the last day of the work week and I FINISHED MY REPORT AND LOCKED IT IN! (there is more due by other staff members . . .hope they get it all in!!)
The office closes early on Fridays and I shot out of there and ran by Costco and came home and took a 20 minute nap.  Then it was time to put on nicer clothes and drive back to Homewood.
Marietta, Laura Mc, and I went out to dinner at Cantina Laredo and then over to the BJCC to see a play.  It was a one-man show - you can read about it here.
I laughed a lot . . .and probably at some inappropriate stuff!!  I need to read the book.

So . . . I'm home today.  I honestly don't know if I'm "sick" or just reached saturation point (which is not usually an excuse to miss church at our house).  I think I freaked Mark out this morning when I couldn't remember whether the sun orbited the earth or earth orbited the sun (as we were sitting on our upstairs porch watching the sun rise).  Of course, as soon as he started telling me I remembered.  I was up two times during the night and I just think my brain wasn't working yet (don't anyone panic!). 

I'm listening to the service on the radio this morning!  I found it on I Heart Radio.  I just texted Stuart because the radio broadcast was weird and he texted me back that it was live (rather than the normal 15 minutes behind) because they had a fire alarm and had to evacuate the building . . and today is a HUGE Sunday - Celebration Sunday; Stop Hunger Now packing Sunday -- oh my goodness.  I miss one Sunday and all sorts of things happen!!

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