Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baby Boy Shower Vroom Vroom

I love a party with a theme!  I might not be (I know I'm not!) a floral designer and I might not be a lot of things BUT if you give me a theme, I can RUN with it!

Our friend, Bonnie, was expecting (actually, her daughter Lauren was doing the expecting!!) her second grandchild - a boy!

Two other friends and I hosted a shower for baby Will back in September.  One friend had a little plastic car that she keeps at her house for her grandchildren.  She showed it to me and we ran with the theme of cars!!

The invitations (not pictured) were made using my silhouette cameo and computer.  They each had a little red car in the shape that is on the door below.  I need to do a separate post about making the door hanger.  Oh my goodness - I had planned to make three.  You see one!  It was more difficult that I imagined.  Of course, all of the blogs talked about how simple and easy . . .yada yada.  Maybe since I was starting from scratch and trying to enlarge a pattern.  Another story for another day!  People did comment that they knew exactly which house because the front door matched the invitation.

You can see our car theme if you look closely.  That is a runner made to look like it is made from racing flag material.  We had sandwiches cut into the shape of cars and we had car cookies.  We served a coffee punch that is to die for!  I'm not a coffee drinker but this is so yummy.  Anything that has both vanilla and chocolate ice cream in it has to be good, right?

Here are the cookies.  One of the hostesses did an AWESOME job decorating these cookies!  Not only did they look great but they were delicious!

We have a bakery in town (several, of course) but this baker is called Pastry Art and they make Baby Bites.  They are tiny little cakes that melt in your mouth.  Usually, the icing designates what kind of cake is inside - like strawberry, red velvet, turtle, vanilla, lime margarita - unbelievable.  Anyway, we asked for all white icing with blue swirls and they were happy to oblige!  See that little blue car in the background -- see how it "sort of" matches our other cars.

Phella was chatting with Lauren (mother to be) and Bonnie.

Here is a cookie up close - amazing!!

I started to ask if you could guess what these fruit kebobs represent . . .but I'll tell you!  Look closely - they are traffic lights - green for go, yellow for caution, red for stop!!  Told you - we had a theme going!!

Here is another one of the cars!!

I used wooden crates and clear acrylic stands.  I picked up wooden initials (WWR) and painted them blue to go with our color scheme.

We served something to drink in these beverage containers -- sweet tea and lemonade (I think!).

The banner on the fireplace was fun to make.

Just in case you are wondering - sweet baby Will arrived. . . and weighed in a 11 pounds 7 ounces!!  He is a big beautiful boy and this was a fun shower!!

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