Friday, October 21, 2016

Funny Faces

Last night, Mark and I went to visit baby girl and her daddy while her mommy was at a bridal shower.  Mark and I passed baby girl back and forth and thoroughly enjoyed being with her (and of course, our son!!).  I caught the funniest sequence of facial expressions that I wanted to share.  Baby girl has been making facial expressions since Day 1 of life outside the womb.  She can wrinkle up her forehead and cock her eyebrows like nobody's business!!

Baby girl was playing with her toy and having a good time while we served our dinner plates.

Then . . .Pops took away her toy.  Look at that expression on her face!!!!

See the smile?  Pops put the toy in his mouth (much like a dog) and was shaking it at her.  She was entertained.  Isn't it funny how we will do the craziest things to make a baby laugh?  Can you see that she is holding something in her other hand?  It is a straw that Pops twisted into itself to make a ring.  She loves a straw!!

Just FYI = We are smitten by this baby girl.  She is growing so fast.  I CANNOT believe that she is already 7 months old!!

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