Sunday, October 2, 2016

cooking on sunday afternoon

So I have a crazy week coming up!  Monday night is our Leadership dinner at church so we will all work a really long day tomorrow.  Tuesday I will work in the office until 2:00 and then cook and host the young adults on Tuesday afternoon/evening.  I leave on Thursday right after lunch to go to Camp Sumatanga (one of my favorite places!!) to work an Emmaus Walk and I will be gone until Sunday night. 

I've made my to do list and I'm checking it twice and I'm doing laundry and cooking and ironing on this Sunday afternoon.  We went to worship and Sunday School this morning and then we went out to lunch with the family at Mr. Chen's (I had beef with broccoli and it was delicious!).  We had to take Mark's momma's car to the car dealership and leave it for some repair work and when we got home, I sat outside in the sun for about ten minutes and then took a 30 minute nap.  I told Mark that I was giving myself a little bit of Sabbath!!
My fortune from lunch - it is a good one!!

I've learned a little secret since I've been cooking to feed about 20 every Tuesday night for 6 1/2 years.  When I first started making giant meals I would cook the chicken in my big stock pots if I was going to need shredded/chopped chicken for a recipe.  Now I fill up the crockpots with frozen chicken breasts and season them and let them cook while I'm at church or work or wherever.  I use the crockpot for a million other recipes so I don't know why I never thought to cook the chicken that way.
Some of our young adults!!

I'm making Butch's Chicken Noodle Soup for Tuesday night.  It is such a comforting recipe and I miss our friend, Butch, so very much!  I feel like she is with me when I make her soup - silly, I know!  I'm also going to make 30 grilled cheese sandwiches!! (I'll make those on Tuesday night).  Since I will be gone the entire weekend, I am going to make the mac and cheese for the next Tuesday night and freeze it.

I believe this is the most mundane post I've ever written!!

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