Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016 - LOVED it!

We started out the day at work by watching our TCDC (daycare) parade and then standing in a line down a hallway so that the children could trick-or-treat.  I didn't take any pictures this year but there were a lot of cute kids and several crying children!!

I rushed home after work because Halloween is a BIG DEAL in our neighborhood.  I had purchased over 1,000 pieces of candy - good candy as you can see by the basket . . .1 piece per trick-or-treater.  You read that right - we have LOTS of trick-or-treaters - all ages; all races; all kinds of costumes.

 The park is right in front of our house and folks played in the park all evening, too.  One of the first to play was a storm trooper!

There is always a pizza party for the kids in our neighborhood that begins at 5:00.  As soon as they finish eating, many of them begin to trick-or-treat.  We had quite a few trick-or-treaters before dark.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite costumes of the night.  Evan is the grandson of Mrs. Lu and Mr. Dave who live across the park from us.  He is in a wheelchair.  His police car had working lights - it was AMAZING!!  His dad and friends make him a special "costume" each year.  He was a flying superman last year.  I love the police car.  Evan even had handcuffs and Mark told him to arrest me.  He laughed and laughed!!!

We saw the T-Rex almost immediately (hard to miss) and I was telling Mark, "I want a picture with the T-Rex to send Matt."  Matt is our nephew (grown man :-) and he has loved dinosaurs since he was a tiny boy!!!  This costume had air blowing inside.  It was so cool!!!

Isn't this costume awesome - so simple but so cool!  She was a jellyfish - made with an umbrella and twinkle lights and streamers and googly eyes!!  I love Halloween.  I love the creativity.  I didn't get a picture but later in the evening, we had two bigger kids (teenagers) dressed as a smore.  They made giant cardboard graham crackers.  They clued smaller rectangles on one side and wrote Hersheys on the bars and they made a white box marshmallow for the other cardboard.  The guy said it cost $7 to make both their costumes! 

This picture is not very clear but we had a steady stream of trick-or treaters for 2 1/2 hours.  Sometimes they would be lined up. I tried to talk to as many as possible (that is NOT WHY they were lined up!!).  99.9% of them were so polite.  Almost everyone said Trick-or-Treat and the majority said, "Thank You."  I only heard one smart A** comment from one kid all night!

Mark walked around with my phone and took pictures.  Can you see the line at the house on the left?  They had to walk under the big cat to get to the porch.  You can see the lights and decorations.  Our neighborhood goes all out!

Mark must have snapped this one as he was walking back.  This is our house!

Halloween in our neighborhood is like the trick-or-treating scene in a Halloween movie (think Hocus Pocus).  Mark said that the atmosphere was like that of a New Orleans street (even some of the parents are carrying their go cups!!)  Of course, it is kids and not drunk adults walking around!!

I have repeatedly tried to insert a video here so you could see the people in motion and hear the sounds but it won't load.   You will just have to take my word for it - Halloween night was a success in the Preserve!!!

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