Wednesday, November 2, 2016

September Beach Trip

Yes, I realize that we are now in November and I'm just now blogging about our September beach trip but I've been very busy since we got back!!

We tried something new this year - we booked a condo on Dauphin Island through VRBO.  When Glenn and Lauren lived in Mobile, they would go to Dauphin Island with friends but Mark and I had never been.  It is so quiet.  It was lovely.

We had incredible weather.  We haven't had rain (now) in 44 days and have had many record high days so even though it is not good for our water supply . . .it made for nice vacation weather.  One day was actually so hot, that I ended up going in early.  That is unheard of from me - the one who loves to sit in the sun and get a tan.

One afternoon, in the heat of the day, Mark and I drove from one end of the island to the other (not very far!!) and even got out and walked around.  This is on the end of the island where the fort is located.  I would like to go back for more days and do some of the touristy things.

Mark and Glenn love to fish and not only to fish - but to catch.  They were so excited because they caught really great fish - pompano.  We ate really well . . .and not because of great restaurants.  There are only a few places to eat on the island.  We ate great fresh fish!!

I did get steamed shrimp and potatoes one afternoon from the local place and supper that night was better than any restaurant meal.

The outdoor pool (yes, they had an indoor pool, too!) was half in shade so every afternoon, Glenn and Lauren took Tiny Tiger to the pool.  She LOVED it!!!

She spent her afternoons in a little tent on the beach with her own little fan.  She wasn't sitting up yet so they also took the little activity seat down for her.

Mark and Glenn fished and fished and fished and loved it!

Here is a picture of that yummy dinner.

I love this picture of Lauren and tiny tiger - it was late afternoon on the beach and the lighting was just right!!

They fed Mr. P a lot of fish so he learned to hang around!!

All in all, it was a great trip - just not long enough!  We drove down on a Wednesday and stayed until Sunday.  Those extra few days would have been great.  I made the mistake of working some every day.  I need to make myself NOT do that next time!!!  I had some work that I felt like I really needed to do but I should have done it all on one day and then ignored it the rest of the time.  Lesson learned!

I would recommend going to Dauphin Island if you are looking for a nice quiet vacation - especially in September.  If you crave more dining experiences, you can take the ferry over to more restaurants or you can drive into Mobile (about an hour).  We were happy just to stay in all but one night.  We ate with the locals.  Really.  They all stared at us when we entered!

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