Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wednesday HodgePodge ON FRIDAY!! (Saturday!)


 I started this on Wednesday night. Good grief - what in the world? Life has been a tad busy. So here goes with Wednesday HodgePodge finished up on Friday . . .now Saturday!! 
1. When is your next big deadline? What's it for? 
Tomorrow (which was Thursday!) - hosting a work luncheon for our Joseph Ministers (church members who volunteer to help with funerals).  This is the banner I made for the luncheon.

 Then my next "deadline" is to prepare a sunday school lesson for Sunday (along with some other work related items) -- hot dog! Just finished my SS lesson -- on Friday!! 

2. May is National Barbecue Month. Do you prefer cooking indoors or out? What's the best thing about a barbecue? What's the last thing you cooked on an outdoor grill? Mark cooked burgers for us on Saturday night - outside. Our son has a green egg and we love that smokey taste. In Alabama, BBQ is the meat - pork, beef, chicken. We EAT barbeque -- we don't barbeque on the grill. We "cook out" on the grill or we "grill" as in "let's grill some burgers tonight." Does that make sense? I do love actual BBQ - Saw's in Homewood, AL serves my favorite kind - delish! 

3. What is one thing on your "never again" list? good question - well, since I'm 56, my "never again" list does include not having any more children. I can't think of an experience . . .the kids and I went white water rafting on the Arkansas river about 10 years ago. I was scared to death the whole time but I wouldn't say "never again." Oh - I HOPE I never again have to move. Last year just about killed us!! We are coming up on our one year anniversary of living in this house. 

4. What's something that annoys you about people your own age? Something you love about your generation? I hate it when people my age talk down to young adults (I'm probably guilty of it sometimes). After spending time with wonderful young adults every Tuesday night for over five years, I've learned that they are wise in their own way. We need to listen to them, too. I also hate it when people my age ACT old. I still feel young on the inside!! What is something I love about my generation? I have lots of good friends who are a part of my generation - many of us are loyal! Our generation also still has some patriotism. I think it ended after us. I still get teary eyed at a sporting event when they sing the National Anthem. 

5. Lilac, iris, hyacinth, pansy...your favorite purple flower? I love flowers. Of course, I have a big fat ZERO amount of flowers planted in my yard. We do have a sweet baby magnolia with pretty white (not purple!) flowers!! I love pansies and I love iris (iris make me think of grandmothers . . .any one else?) 

6. What's a song that always calms you down? Amazing Grace . . .how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! There are several songs that we sing in Contact worship (our contemporary-ish service) that really make me slow down and take some deep breaths. It is Well With My Soul - that is a good one! 

7. What's the last thing you donated? Donated - as in a thing? We give to our church every week. Actually, I just have it cut right out of my paycheck. That is so dadgum convenient!! Maybe tithing shouldn't be "convenient" but it is wonderful because it comes off the check FIRST. We never miss it (well, that is not true - sometimes money is very tight but I never think to myself, wish I could get that money back from God) I guess the last things we donated were to the Salvation Army when we were moving. I think we donated at least three pick up truck loads of stuff to them. I hope they made lots of money from all that stuff. You just wouldn't believe how much stuff you accumulate in 22 years in one house. 

8. Insert your own random thought here. The last two mornings, traffic has been much lighter. I am so looking forward to driving to and from work in the summer. Traffic is about half what it is in the school year.  That is indeed a random thought, isn't it?  Too bad that light traffic didn't carry over for Friday afternoon - it was horrible!!

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