Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm a banner making maniac

That title sounds downright stupid but it is after 9 o'clock at night and I turn into a pumpkin about now with mush for brains.  I've been making baby banners lately.  The first one was for Baby Thayer - shower at work.  They had a sweet baby boy, Sam.  This was their third baby and they didn't find out beforehand . . .so gender neutral!!

The next banner was also for a shower at work.  This family knew ahead of time - another girl . . .now they have four little girls who are the cutest things!!  Her name is Hadley Kate. (please forgive all the crap on our island!! . .cheese straws, pecan pound cake, cups and saucers, kindle . . . good grief!!)

Last Saturday, I hosted a baby boy shower in our home for a long time family friend - the daughter of my best friend in the whole world.  I used mustaches and bowties so I had banners everywhere!

His big banner even had ties!  He will arrive in July and they aren't sharing a name yet - so baby Rimmer it is! (this is her first baby)

Last but not least -- today we celebrated Marie's upcoming arrival.  She knows it is a little boy (second little boy) and his name is going to be Oliver.  I personally love the colors she has picked for the nursery.  I am in love with these monkeys - just saying!  At the shower, Marie told me that the nursery has a jungle theme - the monkeys will match!  I didn't know - so cool!!

Mark is always saying that I need to start a business making things.  I think it would take some of the joy out of creating.  It would definitely add pressure and right now, crafting is a stress reliever.

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