Friday, May 18, 2012

What a life . . .

From tip of nose to tip of tail . . .30 inches long. He is one very long kitty cat. Even more amazing . . .he can curl himself into a ball the size of a small paper plate. When he wants to sleep soundly, he tucks his front paws and his tail between his back paws.  If he doesn't tuck his tail, that crazy tail will not be still.  Sometimes he falls into that sound sleep and his tail will be in mid curl and it will stay curled while he sleeps.  He even snores . . .quite loudly.  Once again, who would have ever dreamed that our family would own a cat. . .and be crazy about said cat.  He is one spoiled kitty.  Since Laura moved out last weekend and Glenn and Lauren are living several hours away, I told Snugs this week that he is now an only child.  I swear . . .I think he chuckled!!  He won't like us very much tomorrow . . .he has to have a pedicure.  You can't see his claws in this picture but they are quite frightening at times.  I wish we could learn to trim those nails at home.  Laura was able to do it one time but since then . . .no way Jose'!!  He also needs some more flea treatments and a new tube of Cat Lax.  Cat lax is exactly what it sounds like.  The vet finally found one that I can get him to consume.  It has catnip in it and it smells a little like pancake syrup.  I'm not going to try it so I can tell you how it tastes.  He has so much fur that he needs Cat Lax because he grooms so often. . . and then has issues with hair balls.  So I've learned all sorts of ways to get that Cat Lax into him.  I just mixed it with some Taziki's chicken and he ate it :-)

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