Wednesday, May 30, 2012

28 years

It is amazing to me that we have been married 28 years. It is amazing for many reasons - one is that I'm surprised we haven't killed each other over the years. We don't argue/communicate well and sometimes that causes a major problem. But we have persevered . . .and we have loved and laughed and cried (that would be me mostly!!). Many people say they are married to their best friend. I always think that is nice but I've never thought that about Mark. Yes, he is the one that I run to first in most situations but lots of times he will say, "call Phella - she is smart and wise!!" He usually says that because he knows that I won't take his advice. (for some reason, we are both so stubborn that we have a hard time taking each other's advice.  I will admit that I take his more than he takes mine - hahahaha!)  He also tells me to call her when I am weeping over something only another female could understand!! I actually think that I am married to my hero. He is always there for me when I need him. He can fix just about anything. He always seeks the right. His morals are top notch. He is an excellent daddy (that is a wonderful thing!!). He is a faithful husband. He is my defender. He is an excellent provider. He is a Christian and lives out his faith. He makes me laugh. He goes to church with me every single Sunday. He prays with me at night and at the table and anytime we need to pray. He makes reservations at really cool restaurants and surprises me for our anniversary. He loves my friends. He actually even loves my family (I started to type more here but decided not to do so!!). He loves our cat (sometimes more than he loves me :-) but that is ok!!) He always took care of our kids when they threw up (believe me - that was an important skill for the man I married!!!). My list could go on and on . . .but I'll just tell you about our anniversary. Mark made a reservation at Highlands Bar and Grill. We had never eaten there before and we had a great time.

Here he is . . .sitting in the restaurant all dressed up.

He even took my picture (but it took a couple of shots to get his finger out of the picture :-)

I had a great glass (actually two glasses) of a really good Riesling.

We both ordered an appetizer.  Mark ordered a seafood medley - shrimp, oysters and snapper fried in a very light tempura batter.  I ordered asparagus and it was yummy.

The lighting was romantic.  For our meal, we both ordered beef.  It was good.  In the last couple of years, we have been to Hot and Hot and Cafe Dupont and now Highlands.  (we've been raising twins and sending them to college and haven't been eating at too many fancy restaurants over the years - we usually just go to the local Mexican restaurant!!!!).  Out of those three restaurants, I think my number one choice is Hot and Hot - mainly because they serve this incredible tomato salad.  It is so delicious.  I think my number two choice may be a tie between Cafe Dupont and Highlands.  We are so lucky to live in a city that has so many incredible award winning restaurants.

The valet took our picture in the parking lot while we were waiting on my car.  You can't see the car behind us but the valet told us that it belonged to a "regular" and that it cost $200,000.  About this same time, a big old pick up truck pulled into the parking lot.  I think that is pretty neat - this is a restaurant where folks who drive Ford Escapes, pick up trucks and $200,000 cars can all come to eat.

After we left the restaurant, we were going around the block so that we would be headed in the right direction and Mark saw a pedestrian running across the street and a motorcycle flew by us and plowed straight into the man. Mark was screaming, "he's dead. he's dead." I was dialing 911. Now you have to understand that since Christmas, I have consumed one margarita (at supper club last month!!) and no other liquor before this night. I had two glasses of wine that night. Needless to say, my 911 call was pretty pitiful. Mark had to correct my information several times because I didn't see what happened. I actually thought a car had run over the motorcycle guy.  You won't believe this - or maybe you will - the motorcycle driver reached the top of the hill, stopped, turned around and looked down the hill and drove off.  BUT when he hit the man, a piece of his motorcycle fell off so we are hoping they could track him down that way.  We were very thankful that some people in the little park next to where this occurred ran out into the street to check on the gentleman. He tried to get up (so he wasn't dead and we were very glad) but had to lie back on the street. The ambulance and police were on their way so we didn't stay since there were quite a few people already surrounding the man on the street.

We actually ended our night by going to meet our supper club. They were all gathered together and we went and spent the rest of the evening laughing and having fun with them. Bonnie had made Pomegranate margaritas and I had one when we first got there and then I switched to water. Mark on the other hand called the margaritas "juicy juice" and had quite a few. Needless to say . . .I drove home!!! We had a great anniversary and I feel blessed to be married to my hero!!


  1. Happy late anniversary! It's so encouraging to see people married a long time!