Friday, May 25, 2012

I like a good pedicure

I love getting a good pedicure. I love how smooth my feet feel afterwards. I love the wonderful foot and leg massage portion of the pedicure. I'm a person . . .not a cat. Our cat, the old man Snugs, has to get his nails clipped. Sounds like a pedicure to me. Seems like it should be enjoyable. As we are driving to the vet, I say to him, "Snugs, you are going to get a pedicure.  It is a good thing."  All the while, he is making the most incredible sounds.  He makes these low guttural sounds - certainly not a meow - when he is in the car.  What is even funnier is that he makes them continuously on the way TO the vet but on the way home, he is pretty quiet.  Does he know that we are going to the vet?  That is the only time he ever rides in the car. 

Look at the expression on his face. He is not enjoying his pedicure.  His nails grow quickly and he has to have them trimmed fairly often so we thought to ourselves, "we should be able to take care of that at home."  hahahahahahaha!!  N.O.T.  It is not going to happen at home.  ONE TIME - yes, ONE TIME, Laura was able to trim them at home.  Then he figured out what she was doing.  He is a very strong and very stubborn kittyman.  Thank God for Veterinarian Techs who work on Saturday morning.

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