Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

I love Easter.  It is one of those really good days . . .where you remember that Jesus always wins . . .where people usually have smiles on their faces (unless you are a mama trying to herd your family for a photo op) . . .where you are greeted (if you are a church goer) with the words, "He is Risen" and you respond with, "He is risen indeed."  Easter is one of those holidays where families usually gather and eat a good meal with a few treats.  Easter is one of those Sundays where the music is spectacular and over the top during worship.  It is one of those worship services where your senses are truly alive - you hear the music and the sermon - you see the cross that has been transformed by grace - you smell the Easter lilies and other flowers.  Easter is glorious after the week before.  I always feel like we have walked to the cross with Jesus.  I feel so sad after the Good Friday service of darkness but then . . .Sunday comes!!  He is Risen!  He is Risen INDEED!!  (The picture of the cross above is from my front door.  I ordered it from "Mine by Design" on facebook.  She does great work - she even painted mine in custom colors to match my dark green front door.  My problem with Easter decorations is that I don't want to get them out before Easter.  Those 40 days before Easter are when we are participating in Lent.  So this year, I got up early on Easter morning and immediately - in my night gown - went out on the front porch and hung the cross on the front door!!)

My mother-in-law always decorates her table.  Those eggs on the mirror were made a looooong time ago - Mark and George made them when they were young.  I can't believe that those fragile shells have lasted so many years.

We always have a spread of food.  We had carrot/raisin salad and potato salad and broccoli salad and devilled eggs.

We also had turkey and ham and hash brown casserole (I think that is what I made!!)  My mother-in-law always likes to have a salad type of lunch with just one or two hot dishes for Easter.

Glenn and Lauren didn't get to come home for Easter this year because they had been here so many times for Lauren's doctor appointments and her surgery.  I think they were just tired of driving back and forth.  We missed them but we still had a nice worship service and a wonderful lunch with family.

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