Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A day away

Last week, we were treated to a "day away" from the office. It was really nice for me because the day was held at a church about four minutes from my house!!  The day started with snacks provided by a local vendor.  We had Special K bars and big muffins and slices of cake.  The attendees were administrative assistants from several local churches.  The day began with a sermonette by a local priest.  He talked about our "call" to be a part of a church staff.  I really enjoyed his delivery and he said some things that really made me think.

During our first workshop, the speaker handed out several sheets of paper to each participant.  We were asked to draw pictures about our offices and co-workers.  We were to think of our offices as a zoo!  You can see my silly drawing below. 

During lunch, we were entertained by a local improv group.  I laughed until I had tears coming out of the corners of my eyes!!

We also worked together on a mission project.  We made "lovies" (loveys?) for preemie babies.  When a mother has to leave her sweet baby in the hospital, she takes the lovie home and sleeps with it.  Then the mother takes the lovie back to the hospital and they put it in with the baby.  Because the mother's scent is on the lovie, it supposedly helps with the bonding experience. 

Here is our group from Trinity.  Amy and I are standing in the back.  Mary is on the left and Donna is in the middle and Kristi is on the right.  It sure is nice to work with friends!!!

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  1. Great !! Thanks to each of you ladies for all that you do !