Tuesday, May 1, 2012

super full moon soon . . .

I've always heard that people are a little crazy when there is a full moon.  I saw that there is going to be a super full moon - or something like that soon - and I wonder if it is already affecting me.  I am almost always in a good mood - fairly joy-filled - usually laughing or smiling . . .yesterday and today - not so much.  I feel a little like Oscar the Grouch.  I'm going to assume that this will pass soon . . .I think it might be because we have had workmen here at the house for the last four or five days.  Why is that stressful?  I don't know. . .maybe because we had to get up extra early and be dressed.  This morning, while I ate my peanut butter toast, one of the workmen stood at my kitchen table to chat :-)  One of my friends says I just ask too many questions so everyone tells me their life story.  I think I just have something on my face that says, "tell me your story."  I will admit that I have heard some stories from these guys.  Two of the workers are brothers - in their 20's.  They both have children by the same girl/woman . . .but they both were not married to her.  Only one was married to her . . .the other had an affair with her . . .and they work together . . .on ladders every day. Those kids are not only cousins but they are half siblings.  Interesting. 

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