Tuesday, May 15, 2012

O what a wonderful evening . . .

Mark and I hosted our supper club in April and we had so much fun.  I've been trying to eat healthier and have not been drinking any alcohol but I made homemade margaritas . . .actually I made skinny margaritas and they were delicious.  I had not consumed an alcoholic beverage . . .especially a margarita since January 8.  That is pretty sad that I know when I had my last one!!!  I haven't missed the alcohol as much as I thought I would (not that I'm a big drinker anyway - maybe four or five drinks a month!!!  (max!!)

I was just playing with the camera and taking shots of the margarita glasses!!  I love how you can see the limes peeking out in the background.  Maybe someday . . .if I keep practicing . . .I'll learn how to take some really great pictures.

Dona brought the appetizers and they were yummy and Phella brought the dessert . . .and she made a skinny cheesecake and I thought it was delicious . . .because once again . . .I have not had any cheesecake since New Year's Eve when Nathan made his "to die" for cheesecake and brought it to our house . . .straight from the oven.

As always, the kitchen was the initial gathering place.  We have gotten so much "use" from our kitchen table.  I still love it!!

Such pretty friends - I love these girls!!  (yes . . .we are still girls . . .even though we are grown women!!)

I had planned to make a centerpiece in a fish bowl . . .cut the roses really short and have the white flowers around the edge.  Guess who cleaned out the basement?  Mark.  Evidently he thought that my fish bowls were for fish and since we don't have any fish . . he gave them to the goodwill or salvation army or hannah home.  So as I had a meltdown in the kitchen . . .my sweet daughter came to the rescue.  She said, "I am my grandmother's granddaughter.  Surely I can arrange some flowers.  She did it and I thought they looked lovely.

This is one of those posts that is probably boring to the rest of the world . . .but I feel this need to photograph and write about some of the fun . . .and just regular daily events in our lives.  I think I have this fear of forgetting.  Also, after our friend, Susan died and our other friend, Bill Frazier, died . . .I have felt that it is so important to have pictures of my friends.  Actually, not just to have pictures but to spend more time together making memories.

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  1. Precious pictures & writings. I'm glad you "friended" me ! Actually, I believe you did that about close to 40 years ago ,if I'm not mistaken !!
    Love to you,Lisa .