Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a little sunshine . . .or a lemon!

I realized that I needed some cheer on my blog. . .so I looked back through my pictures and found these pictures. I snapped them a few weeks ago when I was making shish kabobs. There is just something about the way a lemon smells when you slice it . . .smells sort of like sunshine (if sunshine had a smell!) Lemons also look "happy" to me . . .I guess it is the bright yellow. (as you can tell this is a post about not much of anything . . .mindless . . .cheerful . . .possibly the musings of a middle-aged mom.) We had chicken and beef kabobs, wild rice, hummus and pita bread, a wonderful salad and a yummy dessert. Let me tell you that the chicken kabobs were the best I have ever eaten. I marinated the chicken for about 24 hours in Ken's Lite Caesar dressing. I used lemons, red and green peppers, onions and mushrooms along with the chicken. Mark told me to soak the sticks in water so they wouldn't burn . . .I soaked them all day . . .and some of them were still burned to a crisp.

The dinner was delicious and the fellowship was sweet . . .and the lemons smelled like sunshine.

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