Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April's Fury

Today I was telling Glenn and Lauren about seeing the devastation . . .first watching it on tv and then seeing it first hand. It was horrific on tv and the pictures were/are sad but seeing it first hand is unbelievable. Several of us from the office worked out at Pleasant Grove UMC. They graciously opened their nursery to the community for free child care over the last week or so. Several of us from Trinity were able to go and help. I snapped all of these pictures through the bus window as we were driving to and from the church. Each of these pictures is just a tiny snapshot - a small segment of the devastation. It actually is so big that it takes your breath away. What was so amazing was that we were driving down a street that looked pretty normal and came to a cross street and as far as you could see in front and to the sides of us was devastation. The tornado was a mile wide (I think that is what they said). We saw metal twisted like a piece of aluminum foil.

There is not a single leaf to be seen on any tree - they are gone - all gone - blown away by an unbelievable wind. Trees snapped in two.

Everywhere you look, there are tarps covering roofs. (is roofs a word? rooves - nah . . must be roofs). There was a big motor home twisted over onto its side - not just turned over but twisted also. There was a big piece of plywood wedged into the front of one house. It had flown through the air at an incredible speed and pierced right through the front of the house. We saw the side of a house and the whole middle section of bricks had been sucked off and were no where to be seen.

Look at the debris thrown around all over the grass like a bunch of pick up sticks.

The above house is the same one as at the top of the post . . .I think. I just think it is from a little different angle.

Nothing was left of this property below so the homeowner made a sign with the house number and the insurance company name on it. Just makes me want to weep.

I've heard that some of the first responders can't even talk about the horrors they have seen. One of the members of Pleasant Grove UMC opened her home for the injured until they could be transported. Her children (one of whom stayed with us) carried water to the injured and offered comfort. So many people have lost so very much all over our state. It is hard to imagine that all of your "stuff" would be in your house at one moment and ten minutes later . . . nothing. And it is not just "stuff" . . .it is people . . .the loss of lives.

Once again though, I am amazed. Amazed at people - good people - people who might not have much themselves - helping others. At Trinity alone, we put out a plea for several immediate needs and they poured in . . .by the hundreds. Work crews were going out today and tomorrow and will continue to go out to help rebuild homes and churches and lives. You know - that is what we are called to do . . .help others.

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