Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can you believe that there were geese in our neighbor's yard?

I was out running errands on Friday (you know - the grocery store and all those kinds of errands that I try to cram into my off day!!) and as I drove back down our street I saw the most unusual sight. Look what was in our next door neighbor's yard. You can see our garage door is wide open because I pulled into the garage, ran up the steps and grabbed the camera and quickly sneaked (is that right? sneaked? snuck? Snuck couldn't be right . .) back over to the neighbor's yard. There were four adult geese and one baby and they were eating like crazy. What were they eating?. . .I don't know but they were picking at the grass constantly. The baby was really cute. I was a little bit afraid that one of the adults would try to run me off but they just kept eating as I snapped away.

I chuckled as I thought to myself, "This is the most exciting part of my day so far!!" Of course, that wasn't really true because Glenn and Lauren and Jerel had driven in from Mobile in the middle of the night and they were able to stay and eat lunch with us before they drove on to Huntsville for the wedding (pictures coming soon).

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