Monday, May 2, 2011

does he ever stop?

Have I ever told you that I married a man who never stops? NEVER. STOPS!! Glenn and Lauren came home for Easter weekend and as Mark began to work outside, Glenn actually looked at me and said, "Does he ever stop?" He already knew the answer to that question. The "problem" lately has been that Mark doesn't have a helper anymore. You have to understand that when Glenn was a little boy, he was always helping Mark. Glenn would say that he "liked to wuck" (I have no idea how to spell it like he pronounced it but that is pretty close). On the Saturday before Easter, Mark and Glenn accomplished several things. First of all, Mark was H.A.P.P.Y. to have Glenn home. Here they are surveying the yard . . .what do we need to do??

They worked on replacing the wall that fell down during one of our massive rainstorms we have had lately.

They got out the chainsaw. Oh goodness! What is it about a chainsaw? Men love chainsaws!! This is the neighbor's tree (remember the neighbor who answered Mark's turkey call? It is his tree). Mark did get permission . . .these limbs are shading our grass and the grass can't grow if it is shady.

I know they did some other projects, too. They toted those boards for the fence. They sweated. They drank beer (not while using the chainsaw!!). They worked together . . .and I think (no - I KNOW) that Mark was happy.

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