Sunday, May 29, 2011

how many years? really??

We've been married 27 years - I just can't believe it. Our marriage has been a roller coaster ride - some years have been up and some down and some all around!! Mark has put up with temper tantrums and I've put up with the farm. Mark has put up with my snarky attitude at times and I've put up with his obsession with exercise. But we've made it 27 years . . .amazing!! We decided to go out to Cafe Dupont for dinner and we knew that it would be expensive so we didn't really "do" gifts this year but I wanted to have a little something for Mark. So I bought a gift bag, a package of snickers, some Cavenders and a bag of Lifesavers. I typed up some thoughts about our marriage using the candy as an illustration. The thoughts were pretty corny but who cares?

Mark came by my office that afternoon and I gave him the surprise. Now when you see the next picture, you might wonder why Laura and Anna are in the picture at our anniversary dinner. We decided to celebrate the fact that Laura just received her Master of Arts degree. She can teach anything from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade - now she just has to find a teaching job. It was a fun celebration. The food was delicious and beautiful. We enjoyed a drink and dinner and celebrated two very important events!!

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Mary Michael said...

Congratulations Lisa! And what a thoughtful (and sweet :)) it!!