Monday, May 2, 2011

birthday caroling

On Saturday of Easter weekend, Mark walked up the stairs from the basement and said, "Today is Ed's 80th birthday. We (meaning me) need to make some brown sugar brownies and take them to him and we need to go "birthday caroling." You know what is really weird? I actually understood what he meant. Ed is our next door neighbor. We've been neighbors for 19 years. We moved here when our kids were 5 years old and Ed and Doris (his wife) have watched them grow up. So I made the brown sugar brownies. I was so excited because both Glenn and Laura were home. We all walked across the yard and right before we rang the doorbell, they lit the candle. We actually had a hard time - the wind kept blowing it out as soon as they would light it.

We rang the doorbell and waited.

Look at his face! I think he was surprised!!

We sang happy birthday and told him that we were birthday caroling.

And we walked home :-)

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  1. I love it! That was very sweet of you guys. I'm sure he really appreciated it!