Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CD Release Party

Wow - that sounds impressive . . .I went to a CD Release Party!! I don't know if you remember reading this last year . . .http://lisa-musingsofamiddle-agedmom.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-must-be-rock-star-i-helped-record-cd.html (there is a little link button and I think I'm supposed to be able to link to a previous post but I CANNOT figure that out!!). It has taken a full year but the CD has finally been released. Ruth Ann - on the right side of the picture facing the camera - was part of the driving force behind this project. Dean was so gracious to open his home for a party! Everyone brought food to share (all Emmaus gatherings have food, don't they?). I had to go by myself because Mark was on his fishing trip with Hayden but that was ok because there were plenty of folks for conversation. (though I did miss him!) I don't think I could write tonight without parenthesis. Now that the days are longer and it was still daylight outside made the drive much easier.
Here is a picture of Fred, Julie, Steve and Charlotte.

My view of the party from a perch on the staircase.
Ruth Ann was telling us all about the process as we were getting ready to listen to the CD. I don't know what Julie and Christy are up to . . .but they look like they are about to burst into laughter. That is one of the things that I love about this group - the laughter. I love to laugh. So often, Christians have the reputation of not having a good time - whoever thinks that about Christians should come and hang out with us.

Here are our great musicians - Mark W. on the left and Charlie B. in the middle and Lynn L. on the right. We were missing Steve D. and Mark P. I could sit and listen to these guys play and sing ALL night!! We all got at least one copy of the CD and I've been listening to my copy all week in my office. We certainly aren't professionals but what we lack in musical ability is certainly made alright by the Holy Spirit. I wish I could put one of the songs on here for y'all to here . . .that might be "possible" but I have no idea how to do it!!

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  1. Love the post! I've been listening to my CD all week too, even the kids are learning the words now! Good times with good people.