Friday, April 8, 2011

Staff Workday at the Habitat House

I feel so blessed to be able to work on the Habitat House . . . not once . . .but twice. Our staff, along with a few friends, had a full workday on Tuesday. They brought in a "servant" from the congregation who answered the phones and the rest of use (except Kristi who is too pregnant) showed up at 8:30 for a workday. We started by sanding the walls and then we began to paint the ceilings. Here is a cute picture of Amy (her friend said those looked like cute giraffe nubs on her head), Linda and Phella.
I just had to throw this picture in. We had terrible rainstorms the night before our workday. These are all those boards that you saw me painting in the last post. I'm so glad that brought them inside.
Here is Haley taping around the door so that she and Karen could paint the trim black.

Here is Donna up on a ladder trimming out around the edges. Phil, the site superintendent, asked for those who were perfectionists and persnickety and exacting, to do this job. Linda and I looked at each other and died laughing and said, "Give us another job." I said that I wanted all of my jobs and projects to be "good enough" or "better than someone else's". . just not usually perfect :-) I was standing at the back door looking into the kitchen and on through to the front of the house. We have been having gorgeous weather, but like I said, it had rained the night before and it was actually cold when we arrived at the house.

I showed you a picture of Donna (who is very short) on a ladder . . .here is Dave (who is very tall) painting a bedroom ceiling. All of the rest of us had to use rollers on a stick . . .but not Dave.Once again, a gorgeous day - look at the sky!! Here is the group taking our lunch break - box lunches from Jason's deli - yummy! We were all commenting on how delicious the food tasted. I think it is because most of us are usually sitting at a desk all day . . .and on this day, we were actually doing manual labor so we were truly hungry!! Amazing how when you are hungry, the food tastes so good! Dave is on the left sitting on a bucket and in front of Dave is Amy (leaning over) and then Julie has her back turned and then Mary and Karen and Haley. Looking at the "back" row, Phella is on the left in front of the closed door and then Jeanne (who is pregnant! Yay!) and then Linda and then Donna. Ann was sitting inside and Kristi was somewhere because she brought our lunches to us. The guy sitting on the right on the bucket is Phil - he works for Habitat and that is George, a Trinity member standing in front of him. Andy had been with us all morning but he had to leave for a meeting. Scott was at a funeral and David T. had been to the Butler basketball game and got there in time to paint for about an hour. We had a great time. I love doing projects together. I think it makes a better team in the office!!

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