Friday, April 1, 2011

It was lost and now it is FOUND!!

oh my goodness - I am so excited (but remember it doesn't take a whole lot to excite me!!). Laura is having a bridal shower here tomorrow and I was working on the table decorations and the serving pieces for her. Several years ago, I took a pumpkin roll to some function or another on this tray . . .and it hasn't been seen since then. . . until today. We have shelves in the basement for me to store things like large crockpots and gumbo pots (wrapped in plastic of course!) and large serving pieces. I went downstairs to find a tray for the brown sugar brownies and there on the shelf was an Arthur Court box . .. a large Arthur Court box . . .and I slid it off the shelf and looked inside and said, "Yippee" even though there was no one here except the cat to hear me.
You have to understand that I emailed all of our relatives and all of my work friends and everyone in our Bible study and everyone in our supper club (FOUR YEARS AGO) and said, "I'm missing a large Arthur Court tray. Did I leave it at your house?" I actually had finally decided that someone had probably just accidentally packed it away with their own things thinking it was their piece of Arthur Court. I was a little sad about it because this pattern has been discontinued and this is my largest tray and it was a gift and it was expensive. But YAY! it has been found. I'm so excited. Yes, I am!!

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