Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is in our backyard?

Last year, we found a large snake skin in our backyard. Last night, Snugs was on the backporch on his throne surveying his kingdom. All of the sudden he shot off the deck and Mark looked outside.

For once, I remembered to grab the camera. (this was right before all of the young adults arrived at our house for the Mere Christianity study.) We went out in the backyard and look what we found this year!

Now I am not a snake fan, but my hubby knows about all sorts of outside critters. He has convinced me that this snake is indeed our friend. He will eat moles and chipmunks (which would help snugs out tremendously as we have a LOT of both). He will also hurt bad snakes.

I just want to know exactly where he is living in my backyard . . .

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