Thursday, April 7, 2011

Young Adult Workday at the Habitat House

Our church is participating in a Habitat House Lenten build. Our Tuesday night group decided to sign up for this last Saturday. The work day is from 7:30 until 3:30. We were talking while we were eating lunch and this is Trinity UMC's third year in a row to build at least one house - some years we have participated on two builds. This is the house that Trinity is building. I think it is so cute. The habitat houses are all 1100 square feet and this one is a three bedroom two bath house.We dusted the walls and ceilings and applied primer. Here is Kelly with her swiffer. You would not believe how much sheetrock dust there was in this place!!
This is such a cute picture of Cel!! The morning started off cold but warmed up quickly. Cel and Kelly are standing in the kitchen.
The sheetrock dust was about to kill me so I moved outside. Alana (from one of the Trinity Sunday School classes), Carol and I were painting. These are the supports that will go under shelves in the closets and in the pantry. You can see the next door neighbor's house - it is also a Habitat House. I asked our job superintendent about it because that house has such a nice front door. He said that the house was built in a "builder blitz" so there are some extra touches like the fancy front door. We shared our workers with the job superintendent for the house that is being built across the street because they haven't had enough workers. Elisabeth was painting at that house.

This is a horrible picture of me. My hair is pulled back with a hair clasp and I have my glasses perched up on top of my head. It was nice being outside. I got a little sun on my winter white face!! Look at that blue sky behind me. It was truly a gorgeous day.
Kelly joined us outside to help us paint.
One of the Sunday School classes provided lunch. You know that I couldn't write a post without a food description!! They provided turkey or ham sandwiches and lettuce and tomato and pickle. There was a banana in the box and a bag of chips and a homemade dessert. See that white pick-up truck in the background? Our young adult group piled into the back of the truck to eat our lunch.

I think it is so cool that we get the opportunity to participate in providing a HOME for someone!!

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