Saturday, March 13, 2010

I must be a rock star - I helped record a CD today!

Today started bright and early. We all got up around 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning! Laura was off to take her Praxus test and Mark and I were on our way to Sumatanga. We worked an Emmaus Walk in January (number 363) and the music team was incredible. So these guys - a couple of attorneys, a guy who builds tennis courts for a living, a preacher who is a teacher right now got together and rented Hutto Auditorium at Camp Sumatanga (about an hour's drive from Birmingham) and arranged for a recording guy and all his microphones to magically appear. Of course, someone else (Debbie) made arrangements for everyone to bring food to share and Ruth Ann kept us all updated via email. Here are a few pictures from the day but for some reason, it is not allowing me to load anymore in this post . . .so I think I'll have to do another post also.

Here is Mark (on the right) and his friend, Bill Rush. They meet together every single Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. - dedication!! I have no idea why their shirts are so washed out - crazy digital camera :-)

Here is Fred along with friends, Larry and Jennie - I was walking around with my camera acting like a "Zap's" photographer - here, let me take your picture - smile please!
I have never ever ever in 17 years been to an Emmaus function where there was no food. Here is one table laden down with barbecue and sandwiches and potato salad.

Here is another table . . .This table has some healthier selections - fresh fruit - yummy clementines!! I see some trail mix and a pan of ham and cheese sandwiches (not healthy - but yummy and delicious . . .but I stayed away from those!! I can't eat just one.

Here are some of our lovely ladies - visiting before singing!

Here is another group of us - I'm on the left in the auburn sweatshirt - it was cold again today. I swear it was 71 degrees and sunny yesterday and today it was cold again!! Ruth Ann is in the middle of us and that is our friend Julie. In the back is Mark W. - he is the preacher who is a singer and a fiddler and he can play the guitar (that was my mid life crisis - he tried to teach me to play the guitar when I turned 40 - I'm not playing the guitar . . .and he is an excellent teacher - so what does that tell you?)

Ok - I know that I told you it was cold and rainy . . .and it was. I was actually standing outside and there was rain hitting my face and I looked up above me and there was blue sky. Really weird weather today!

Sumatanga is a gorgeous place - as a matter of fact, I always meet God there. Today was no disappointment - God was there - in the music, in the smiles, in the running water and the rain drops and the blue sky. God was indeed there.

Some of the shots around camp.

Since it won't let me add any more photos. I'm going to try another new post . . .hang on!!

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