Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What, or I guess I should say "who" are "stuffettes." I don't know if you know this or not, but in a church the size of ours, there is no way that you can ever have enough paid staff to do all the work. As Christians, as church members, we are called to be an active part of the life of our church. We have a group of ladies who have faithfully come to the church office every week for years to help us. Their original job was to "stuff" the inserts into our weekly newsletter before we mailed them (now do you see why we affectionately call them "Stuffettes"?) I've been working at Trinity (in a paid position) for six years next week. These ladies (and at one time one man) have been so faithful. One of them died last month and we were so sad. One of them has a shoulder/arm problem and she has stopped coming. Another one, Polly, was in the hospital last week. They are aging. We don't do our newsletter in-house anymore so now they come and cut postcards for us and attach labels to postcards and envelopes. We appreciate them so much. We also have several other "office angels" who help us all the time. We have folks who answer the phones for us to go to meetings. We have folks who help us do membership audits and others who help us file. Over the years, we have tried to make/buy them treats for these ladies (and few men) for the various holidays throughout the year. For St. Patrick's day, I made them a cute card and I also made flower pens. I thought they turned out pretty cute!! This is not about me though -- this is just another way for us to say "thank you" to our helpers!!

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