Saturday, March 13, 2010

continuation of previous post!

Well, I'll tell you about the rest of the day. We sang a bunch of songs - we sang Do Lord O Do Lord . . .in this really special slow way. We sang I'll Fly Away. We sang a song that Charlie had written. I have great pics of the musicians and the singers and I can't load them!! We sang and the guy would either say "do it again" (which we did on several songs) or he would simply smile - when he smiled, we would all cheer. We are making this CD for all of us to have to remember the weekend . . . and we are also going to give it away. There is one song that I want our son to hear. It is Jesus Loves Me in a blues format. I love it! Recording was fun but hard work. We finally took a break and ate some lunch and visited a while. That was when I ran outside with the camera and took those outside shots in the other post. Then we came back together and sang some more. I really can't wait to hear it!! Here is Charlie - when he plays the guitar he plays with his whole body!

Here is Ruth Ann - standing on a chair so that she can see over everyone!

This is our sound guy. We lived for a smile from him as we finished each song. Smile was good! You can see Mark and a couple of the other husbands sitting in the background. They got to sing with us on a few songs but most of the songs were just women's voices.

Here is everyone gathered in Hutto Auditorium singing. I ran over to the other building (breezeway actually) for a potty break and when I came back in, the sound was truly amazing.

so now it is 8:42 . . and since we are springing forward tonight . . .that makes it 9:42 . . .so I think I may brush my teeth and put my weary body to bed. Need to be fresh and awake in order to teach Sunday School tomorrow!!

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