Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Study at our house

Last night, we began a study in our home for the Trinity Young Professionals group. This group is made up of folks in their 20s (post college) who are unmarried. Some of them are in med school and some are in dental school. Some are working on masters in education, while some are already a part of the "working" world. We haven't had anything at our church for this age/stage group.

They expressed interest in doing a Bible/Book study. We are studying this:
I had a notebook and a Trinity pen for each one of them to write extra notes or prayer requests in.
ok - why is there a power ranger suit in the middle of our family room during a Bible study? John Ortberg talks about "morphing" in the study. When Glenn was in maybe the 5th grade, he wanted to be a power ranger for Halloween. I made this costume and it took hours! It ended up being about 85 degrees on Halloween that year and this was a very hot costume! I was thrilled to have it as a "visual."
I left the camera on the table so that we could take a picture of the group . . . did I remember? no! Maybe next Tuesday I will remember. 24 young adults have signed up for the study. I knew that 6 were out of town for spring break and two others had conflicts so we started with 16 young adults and Mark and me!! We began with dinner - we had a giant salad with cheese, bacon and croutons and a variety of salad dressings.
We had regular chili (two big pots full) and rice in case anyone wanted to serve their chili over rice.

We also served 'White" chili - it was really good. The carrots in the chili were "Alabama" locally grown carrots. They are so sweet. By the way, I've promised to feed them each Tuesday night!!
I didn't take a picture of dessert but we had Key Lime Pie - yummy. A large number of our guests had given up sweets/dessert for Lent so I had a couple of pies left over. As a matter of fact, we had enough white chili to take some to our friend who had surgery!
I think the first night of the study went well. I love spending time with young adults. I love to hear their thoughts and ideas. I know it is a little awkward on the first night when very few of this group had ever met much less.know each other, but by the end of the night, there were several conversations happening . . . I hope they all come back next week!! We will have food for the body and soul!!

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