Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Photo dump!

As my hubby said, "this week, we have a Monday and a Friday . . .and a Monday and a Friday." Yep - after a day off, today seems like a Monday again - thank goodness I love my job!

I haven't done a photo dump in quite a while -- So here is the photo dump from the last week:

Last Friday night, we went to our supper club and watched the sun set together. 

We all have glowing eyes! Much fun was had by everyone.

On Saturday night, we went to a party where I knew no one (except for hubby, hubby's twin brother, and sister-in-law). The host cooked a million pounds of beef brisket and I must admit - IT WAS DELICIOUS! Some folks had jello shots! These two folks just happened to be in the band that played all evening. Just in case you are wondering - I still haven't tried a jello shot!

On Sunday afternoon, I went for a much needed pedicure. Yes, I'm spoiled because I get pedicures. I know it and I admit it. I took a picture because I was texting the colors to daughter . . .I need approval - what can I say?

On Monday night, we had a treat for dinner. Our friend went deep sea fishing and shared his bounty - we had grilled red snapper for dinner. I had shrimp from Costco and I made a big spinach salad with strawberries and blueberries and feta - yummy!

We were able to leave work about an hour early on Tuesday before the fourth! I had my suit in the car and stopped at the pool on the way home. I paddled around for some exercise and then sat in the sun to dry off . . .and then a black cloud floated over and rained on us -- look at that blue sky? How could one black cloud appear from out of the blue (literally!)? Speaking of blue . . .look at those blue toenails!

We had a fun day on the fourth but I think I'll write a separate post!

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  1. Had to chuckle at the jello shot comment. I had my first one a year or two ago. It wasn't something I enjoyed, not being a fan of jello, but the server at the restaurant I was at gave it to me for Cinco de Mayo, so I couldn't turn it down.