Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Blogging about the 4th . . .on the 10th!

Most families have traditions and one of our family traditions is to celebrate the fourth of July on the lake as guests of one of Mark's cousins. We've been celebrating together since our kids were little bitties . . .and now our kids have spouses and some of our kids have kids!

We relax and talk and eat and soak up sun.

some of us even soak up some shade!

our sweet girl ended up being the only little one this year due to scheduling conflicts but she had the best time! There were plenty of new to her toys to play with and plenty of outside fun to be had.

I had thought about getting into the little pool with her but within moments the pool was full of dirt and twigs - not my jam.

The weather was spectacular!

There was even some fishing going on . . .not sure how much "catching" was happening.

Some folks went swimming!

sweet girl even got her pops into the water!

Even the dog went for a swim!

He was in the pool as much as our girl!

I imagine this picture was taken during the homemade ice cream eating time!

When we got out to the car, our sweet girl (or her daddy) had left the mermaid barbies in our car doors so they could come home with us for the pool bag!

We only have one picture . . .and this is a screen shot . . . of our little family together. Mark was going to take the picture but it was on video so I grabbed this screen shot!

I am so very thankful for family, for freedom, and for traditions! I'm actually thankful for baked beans, too . . .because I love them and I'm thankful they are always on the menu for the fourth!

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  1. What a delight-FULL day y'all enjoyed! I'm not sure what it is, but little kids and water always makes me smile. :)