Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yummy roll-ups

This year at Trinity UMC, we had our largest ever Vacation Bible School. We had over 500 children between the ages of 3k through 2nd grade!  To teach all those children requires lots of hands!!  There are all sorts of ways to help from prayer partners to snack preparers.  I made a snack for the "teacher's lounge" on Thursday of VBS week and I think they were a hit!!

I bought flour tortillas and shaved turkey and a couple of kinds of good sliced cheese - havarti and pepper jack. I also bought some cream cheese in the "tub" that had some veggies in it ( your preference!). I had a brand new bag of baby spinach already in the fridge along with some spicy mustard and some honey mustard.

I spread wax paper on my counter and went to work. I put a layer of cream cheese on first. You need to spread it all the way to the edges. Then I put a piece or two of cheese and some turkey and some spinach. I added mustard to some and not to others. There is no wrong way!!!

I rolled up each sandwich and wrapped tightly in waxed paper and placed them all in ziplock Baggies in the fridge overnight.

Before leaving for work, I sliced them up and made a tray using a plastic tray leftover from some function- disposable is best because those working had easy clean up. An electric knife or knife with a serrated edge works best. I used the tall unusual pieces in the center!! Thought they turned out great!!!!

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