Friday, August 9, 2013

"number one son" got married or was he "the favorite son"???

When our kids were in college, we would go down to visit them in Auburn and take a bunch of them out to dinner or either take a BUNCH of dinner with us and tell Glenn and Laura to invite a bunch of friends over to eat. We loved spending time with those young adults and continue to love them. Mark always called all the boys his "sons" and everyone of them had a different name. There was the number one son and the favorite son and all sorts of other names. Well, this last weekend Kaylor got married. Our whole family loves Kaylor. He was one of Mark's "favorite" sons. He is Glenn's best friend. He is also one of Laura's best friends. He married Sarah . . .who is one of Lauren's best friends.   Our whole family was so honored to be a part of the wedding weekend.  Mark and Glenn both served as groomsmen and Lauren was a bridesmaid.  Laura was the "stand-in" bride at the rehearsal and I helped serve communion at the wedding.  It was a special weekend . . .and I didn't take my good camera.  I only have phone pictures.  Usually, I take pretty good phone pictures but some of these are just not good . . .but they will help me to remember!

I walked into the sanctuary to get my instructions for communion and the photographer was finishing the last shots with the groomsmen.  I grabbed my phone and quickly snapped . . and this is blurry . . .but oh my goodness - I love so many of these young men. . . and I even love the two "old" guys in the group, too!!  John Carl is not in this picture because he was one of the preachers . . .and he did a great job!  He graduated from Duke this last year and will hopefully be ordained this next year and become a member of the North Alabama Conference of the UMC.

While Mark and Glenn were off doing groomsmen stuff - like going skeet shooting and eating breakfast buffets and box lunches, Laura and I were being lazy in a nice hotel room and it was WONDERFUL.  I walked to a local deli while Laura was still asleep and brought breakfast back to the room and served Laura in bed.   She had pancakes and bacon in bed!!!  She then went back to sleep!  I sat in a chair and stared out the window at the water front . . .and I read a little.  After Laura's little nap, Jen came to our room for some Tylenol/advil (much partying had occurred the night before) and the three of us walked around and ended up eating lunch at Wintzell's behind the hotel.  Lauren had finished up with the bridesmaid's brunch  by that point and she came to the restaurant and visited with us for a while.  Laura and I went back to the hotel and Mark was ready to leave again for pictures and after he left I took a nap and then Laura and I both got our showers and got ready.  Laura tried to take a picture of the two of us (for me!) - we never got a good one!!

The flowers were gorgeous all weekend!!

These are some of the centerpieces at the reception.  Those are little pieces of lavender under the apples.  As a matter of fact, instead of rice, they threw lavender at Kaylor and Sarah as they departed (if anyone threw anything?????)

Glenn and Lauren in their wedding finery . . .they were sweating.  This is Alabama . . .in August . . .and it was hot . . .and they were in tuxedos and long lined dresses.  H.O.T.

This was the garden of the estate where the reception was held.  It was lovely.

Here is another shot of Mark with his boys.  As I am typing these words, Jamie (far right - behind Mark in the blue shirt . . .is becoming a daddy of twin boys . . .tonight . . .right now!  . . .they are arriving a little early so if you happen to read this tonight, please say a prayer for healthy babies and healthy mommy)

Mark and Glenn and Levi - goodness - these three . . .ooooweeee!!  They could get into some trouble.  Yes, I know that Mark is much older . . .but he is young at heart.  I love these boys!!!

Here is our whole little family.

Laura (momma of the groom) dancing with her handsome boy . . .such a sweet moment.

anyone out there . . .have any idea about these purple flower balls?  My sister-in-law is a flower guru and she was at the reception and she didn't know what these were.  I showed the picture to another friend who knows about flowers . . .she didn't know either.  They were such cool flowers!!!

My sweet Laura and Kirk and Suzanne - Kirk and Suzanne were youth counselors for Laura and Glenn way back when . . .before they were even married!  Now they are parents to three little boys and we sure did enjoy visiting with them!!!

awwww - the sweet groom!  kaylor!!!!

I thought this was pretty dadgum cool . . .this was their method of "escape" from the reception . . .a helicopter.  I've been to a lot of weddings and this was a first for me!!  The helicopter was going to take them to Atlanta and then they were going to fly to Antigua.  We waited by this field for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.  I cannot tell you how many bug bites that both Laura and I got on our legs in that short time.  I haven't had a single bug bite all year . . .and I had at least 10. . . but it was worth it!!  Now you know why folks weren't throwing the lavender!!!

We hobbled to the car in our high heels and I was the designated driver and I navigated us back to the hotel and we crashed into bed.  Mark and Laura had sweated so much that they both had to shower before they could even go to bed. 

The next morning, we joined many of the other guests and family members for a yummy brunch at the hotel . . .before driving home.

I am so thankful for friends.  I am so thankful for our family.


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The flowers are Allium


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this post just makes my heart happy :)