Friday, August 30, 2013

sloth . . .who me?

well, I was going to write that today I  have been a sloth . . .but then I remembered that slothfulness is one of the seven deadly sins and that freaked me out a little . . .so I found a cute picture of a sloth . . . she doesn't look so sinful.  She is even smiling.  Goodness gracious, as I type those words, I thought to myself, "isn't that just how sin gets us"???  So often sin comes in an attractive package . . .and lures us in.  It doesn't look bad so it must not be bad, right?  Wrong.

I think I have been slothful today.  I usually go at warp speed.  The busier I am, the more I can usually accomplish.  Today I haven't even left the house.   I'm thinking that I might go get a pedicure in a few minutes . . .that is pretty slothful, too!!

I did bring work home and this morning I finished a task that took a couple of hours.  I have folded some laundry and washed and dried another load.  I did try out a new recipe -- I baked little miniature rolos inside brownies . . .made in a mini muffin cup.  They are ok.  I was expecting spectacular.  They are not spectacular but they are cute. 

I am running the dishwasher now.  I did make up my bed.  I also read my devotion.  I also took a NAP after lunch!!  Glenn (son) is off today and he brought lunch and I enjoyed an hour with him.

Right now I am sitting at the kitchen table typing away . . .and the cat is also being slothful.  He is even snoring and it is so cute!!

So . . .maybe I'm really procrastinating.  I need to write two articles and I don't know where to begin.  I might do one of those next.  God has been whispering in my ear, "write, Lisa, write."  I kept saying, "write what, Lord?"  In the last week, I have been asked to write two different "articles" that people will actually (maybe) read.  Since God has been whispering "write" . . .I immediately said yes to both requests.

I also really, really, really need to work on the prayer vigil for an Emmaus walk.  Maybe I will work on that tonight.  I also need to work on a Sunday School lesson of some sort for Sunday.  I think I will do a stand-alone lesson since it is Labor Day weekend.  I wonder if anyone will be in church?  We are leaving right after Sunday School to go see friends out of town for Sunday night and Monday.  Another thing I need to do is figure out my menu for Tuesday night and make a grocery list.  I think we might have pork tenderloin on the grill because I have a few of those in the freezer.  I've been trying to use my crockpots (yes, I did say "crockpot(S) . . .sometimes I have three or four going on a Tuesday night) a lot this summer for Tuesday nights so that the house doesn't get so hot.  I'll have to think about what I can serve with those pork tenders.  Any suggestions for crockpot side dishes (besides green beans - we had those this week)?  I always have a salad or slaw and rolls and dessert.  I need a vegetable and a starch.  I might do some fresh veggies in the electric skillet. . .maybe squash????  I have a giant spreadsheet of menus but I've been trying to do a few other things this summer.  Last Tuesday night, I made angel chicken.  I got the recipe here:  It is quite tasty . . .now imagine making a quadruple batch.  FYI - do not - repeat DO NOT add 8 packs of Italian dressing to this recipe.  That would be LOGICAL, wouldn't it?  If I am quadrupling the recipe, 2 X 4 = 8.  For some unknown to me reason, I tasted after the addition of three packs . . .and I grabbed a potato out of the pantry and peeled it and threw it in the crockpot to soak up some of the salt (works like a charm every time!!).  It would have been ok with the three packs but I didn't want to take a chance.  Laura liked the recipe but she thought it would be good if you added something spicy - like a can of rotel.  I'll have to think about that addition.

So . . . do you ever find yourself in a slothful state of mind/being?  I need to find Bishop Willimon's book on the Seven Deadly Sins and re-read the chapter on Slothfulness.  Surely one day of rest is not being slothful, is it?  Why do I feel so guilty?  Actually, after re-reading my list of things I have already done today . . .I may have accomplished more than some folks who don't consider themselves slothful . . .hmmmmmm.

So what do you think about the sin of slothfulness?  There is some strange juxtaposition going on in my mind . . .Labor Day weekend . . .and slothfulness???  What are your plans for the weekend?  Will you join me in my slothfulness?  Big plans?


Caroline Hare said...

slothfulness or sabbath?? I have had a sloth day but I am calling it Sabbath! :) You need rest too! The rolo things look yummy!

Quiltbirdie said...

It's not the failings and flaws that we fret over and worry about that separate us from God (sin, in other words); it's the failings and flaws that DON'T convict us that cause separation and break (on our end) our bond with the Creator.

I'm going to check out that Angel Chicken recipe. I only have one crockpot. It is harvest gold and was a wedding gift from the bishop and his wife! Still works great after all this time.