Tuesday, May 1, 2018


  1. 1.
    the quality or state of lacking a pattern or principle of organization; unpredictability.

I've had such focus over the last month regarding blogging and today I remembered that my life is actually quite random . . .so thought I would just pull some pictures and tell y'all what else has gone on in life over the last month or so. We had EASTER! We hosted our supper club on Easter weekend (Saturday night) and I tried to make the table look festive.

Our altar flowers are prepared by volunteers each week (the flower committee or flower guild - their motto is "flowers to the glory of God!"). They outdid themselves on Easter morning.

I didn't get a single family photo on Easter so I grabbed our baby and took a selfie with her. I think it is hilarious that a 2 year old knows what a selfie is!!

Mark's momma always has a festive table for all holidays but especially for Easter! She amazes me.

This picture was taken on some random Sunday on her (my mother-in-law's) back deck - Mark and George (that would be Pop and Pop George) were outside with Emma while lunch was being prepared.

We had a retirement luncheon at work one day this past month. Donna, our long time receptionist and Senior Adult Coordinator retired. She retired as a school teacher about 10 years ago and then came to work for us. Our church Chef (aren't you jealous? we really have a chef!!) prepared a wonderful lunch of shrimp and grits, fried okra, fresh greens picked from HIS garden, and dirty rice. There was also bread pudding for dessert  . .but alas, I abstained!

Speaking of dessert, I also abstained from eating this one but it was difficult. Wynn, one of our young adults and a family friend, made this for one of our Tuesday evenings. It is a coconut cream pie with coconut rum in the filling . . .oh my goodness, y'all!

Instead of dessert, I've been eating things like burgers and turkey on lettuce wraps. This is the best lettuce ever - grown locally in Shelby county.

Everything in this salad was purchased from J & S Produce. Not only do we have a chef at church, but we have Jason and Shelia who bring fresh produce to sell on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from March through October. Excuse me - the fat free feta was not purchased from them nor was the salad dressing!

So . . .my middle sister (I'm the baby) is here for a month long visit and on Friday, we were headed to visit our other sister (oldest) who lives about an hour away. We were not five minutes from my office and we were rear-ended! We waited forever on the police so that we could get a police report for the insurance and then we were still able to visit with our sister for a while.

This picture (below) was on Sunday. I realize that the time we have with my mother-in-law is precious time. Every time I catch her holding Emma, I try to snap a quick photo.  See that blue fabric on the white chair? Those are antimacassars (I ALWAYS call them Madagascars!!). Those blue ones belong on another chair at my mother-in-law's house but EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. our sweet grandbaby stops and removes them from the blue chair and takes them and puts them on the white chair. I would love to know the thought process behind that!!

I told you that today was random . . .and I taught you a new word!! We need to do something fun this week so that I can blog about it - eek!

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