Monday, July 24, 2017

#tohaveandtoharris . . .Celebrations . . .Brunch and wedding . . .and . . .

Be forewarned . . .photo overload . . .but so much fun . . . and lots of ellipses!

On Friday, I was so honored to be included and invited to the luncheon for Brooke's bridesmaids.  The luncheon was hosted by two of her work associates/friends at a home in Greystone.  I really wanted to take pictures of the artwork in this house - I loved so much of it.  That is not what this post is about - oops!  The hostess used "mismatched" china and cups and the tables were lovely.  She used lace gloves as the "coasters" -- she said they literally came on a very slow boat from China and just barely arrived in time for the party.  Our place cards were pictures of each of us with the bride.  The pictures were on a little clip inserted into moss inside a demitasse.  (I almost wrote demitasse cup but decided to look it up and the word itself means small cup so I would have said a small cup cup - so glad I looked!!)

This table was one of my favorites -- it was a table just for the flower girls and it was set just as lovely as the tables for the grown ups.

The little girls were sitting right behind me and the first course was a chilled strawberry soup.  They were not fans of this course.  I'm still chuckling as I think about their comments.  They were very polite as they told the hostess that they didn't like "this."

The dining room table was where the bride and bridesmaids ate their lunch.  I love those tall vases!! 
If you live in the south, you might know what the hostesses served for lunch.  Anyone want to guess (other than the soup)???
Chicken salad on croissants - perfect southern summer lunch
She served grapes and cheese straws alongside the sandwiches.

Thanks Christie for this picture, too

My sweet Laura on the far left had driven in from her house and we just met at the party.

Laura and her boyfriend, Scott, were here all weekend and we enjoyed their visit.  Laura was doing wedding stuff all day on Saturday so Scott even rode to the wedding with us . . .and was gracious enough to take our picture.

I was able to reciprocate and snap a quick one of Laura and Scott in the gathering space at the church before the wedding.

There were gorgeous floral wreaths hanging in the gathering space.

This is the church at our west campus.  I think it is such a warm and intimate space.  The flowers on the cross were quite lovely!!

Mark and I were headed to the fellowship hall after the wedding to retrieve our boxes of decorations and we ran right into the bride and I was able to get a quick picture with the beautiful bride.  We were headed to the fellowship hall because the bridesmaids had borrowed all sorts of things from us - from lanterns to metal candle holders to ribbon to wreaths, etc.  They used those items to decorate for the rehearsal dinner.

Isn't she lovely??

The reception was downtown at the Alabama Theater.  I love those giant old chandeliers.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

I also loved that they had a "movie marquee" made for their wedding - they used it at the church and at the reception.

These pictures are out of order -- the sanctuary looked so beautiful.  Below is a better picture of the flowers on the cross.

Brooke and Marcus had a lovely wedding!!

Four of our favorite young adults below the theater sign . . . Sean, Laura, Katie, Christie.  (thanks Christie - I snitched this photo from your facebook page along with the picture of the food above!!)

We love Brooke as if she were our very own and are so thankful that God has brought her into our lives.
Our weekend didn't end with the wedding . . . more to come . . .
Celebrate . . .come on!

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