Saturday, July 15, 2017

Birthday and Father's Day all rolled into one!

I'm only a month behind!  How could that be???  My birthday was in the middle of June and we celebrated by eating at Moss Rock Tacos and Tequila.  The best thing I had that night was the watermelon margarita.  We weren't impressed with the food AT ALL and that makes us sad because we love having a favorite restaurant within walking distance.

I received several fun gifts for my birthday (most are not pictured!!)  Glenn and Lauren gave me a "nice" band for my fitbit so if we are attending a wedding, etc. . . .the fitbit is incognito!!
They also gave me some other things (not pictured).

My friend from church, Donna, gave this watering can to me.  I love it!  I actually have it on my mantle at this moment.  Wasn't it clever how she put flowers in it and did the curly ribbon on the handle?

Another sweet friend gave me this hummingbird feeder and it has truly been the gift that keeps on giving.  I need to refill it today.  The hummingbirds love it and we have so enjoyed watching the birds.

Here are two of my favorite fathers with a strong willed little girl!  We celebrated my birthday and father's day at the same time  --  my momma always said that I was my daddy's father's day gift that year!

He loves this little girl which makes me love him even more!

I try to get as many pictures as possible of this sweet girl with my wonderful mother-in-law.

Mark's momma always has to make a cake for every birthday!

We tried to show Emma how to blow out the candles.  She looks just like Laura and Glenn in this picture (sometimes it is uncanny!).

She wasn't impressed!

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