Saturday, July 22, 2017

2nd Annual Fish Fry

We hosted our second annual fish fry last weekend.  We planned the party for July thinking there would be no rain (last year we had a monsoon on the night of the party in the spring) . . .you aren't going to believe this, but it happened again!  We had our courtyard ready and all of our outside porches ready . . .but no go! 

I've been using my three tiered basket for all sorts of centerpieces!!  You can see the box of gummy worm "bait" on the right behind the basket . . .you have to have bait!

I used all sorts of fish for decorations!

I made the bobber banner last year and saved it in a drawer in the craft room . . .and ta-dah!  If we have a third annual fish fry, you will see it again in 2018!!

See that bass peaking out of the watering can?

Some people have to use fake antlers but we don't!  My whole decoration scheme was red and white and I asked Mark to buy bobbers . . .and he brought home orange and yellow ones!  You would be so proud of me . . .I didn't say, "why in the world did you buy that color?"  I said, "thank you!"  Y'all this was a rare occurrence for me . . .my words seem to fall out of my mouth before I can catch them.  Thank you Holy Spirit for the clamp on my lips!  Not a single person said, "why do you have orange and yellow bobbers when everything else is red and white?" 

I found these cute fish in a local shop.  They are still sitting on the mantle just because they are fun!

More fish, more red and white, and cute fishing hole signs were located in the plant in the entry hall.

I love using this box . . ALL. THE. TIME.

I color copied the fish and cut them out and glued them to small dowels.  I used my same little bottle vases inside the big box.  I found the fun cattails, etc. at . . .drum roll please . . .THE DOLLAR TREE!  Granted, I probably have $20 worth of Dollar Tree weeds and cattails in the centerpiece but it was so fun to create.

We served beer and lemonade.  We used the little table right outside the door on the screen porch for drinks.  We used this cute picture of Mark and George fishing as part of the decoration.

I love my door hangers created by Marcy Hill.  I have one for all three doors.

I thought I took a few pictures of people - the most important part but there are no pictures on my phone.  My friend, Terrie, took this picture of the guys that are close church friends.  Oh my goodness - these men are all so special to us!!  Our kids were here and that was fun and we invited our next door neighbors.

Why do we have a fish fry?  Mark loved catching fish from the farm pond so we end up with an abundance of fresh fish so . . .why not share??  We keep the menu simple - a few appetizers, Asian slaw, hushpuppies, fish.  Two people brought wonderful desserts.  We told our wine drinking friends to "bring their favorites" . . .

What a fun night!  Mark and I love to entertain and we make a good team . . .and it helps to have lots of fresh fish!  (Mark and Glenn fried bass, snapper throats that Allen - second from right above - caught.  Mark also made gumbo that everyone declared the best gumbo ever with quail, Alabama crawfish, nitrate free sausage, lots of okra, etc.  - the gumbo was one of the appetizers and we served it in small 8 ounce cups)

We feel so very blessed - to have fresh fish in abundance and to be surrounded by wonderful friends.

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