Thursday, July 20, 2017

Showers of Lemons!

A few weeks ago, we hosted a bridal shower for our friend, Brooke.  Her colors for the wedding are yellow and gray so I decided to use those same colors for the shower decorations.  I started thinking about all things yellow and decided to use lemons!  Costco has large bags of lemons for $7-8 per bag.  I bought four bags and used them everywhere -- even in the powder room!!

I moved my three tiered basked from the island over to the cooktop and filled it with lemons (and left the bananas because they are yellow, right??).  I made a big loopy bow from yellow and gray ribbons.

I have pictures of the table and food from several angles.

I served lemonade (of course!!) and water with lemons.  I used my champagne/sherbet glasses to serve yellow jelly beans!!  I ordered sandwiches from a local place called "Ouslers" -- they make chicken salad, pimento cheese, and cream cheese and olive sandwiches -- yum!!

The bride's new last name begins with an "H" so I bought this for her new front door but used it as a fireplace decoration.  We've used those little yellow pom poms for multiple parties now.  I keep hanging them in a closet until we need them again.

I took a picture of the family room because it is rarely this clean!!

Here is the basket from another angle.  I used my box that I normally keep on the dining room table - wrapped yellow ribbon around and made a bow and added some lemons - viola!

I even put lemons in the Waterford bowl that sits nestled inside the REAL antlers (we don't have fake antlers!).

Her (their) hashtag made a great banner!  I had the invitation propped against the lamp and the "party favors" were in the metal tub (more yellow and gray ribbon!!).

Hey Kat Bakes made the cookies and I made cute "Love is Sweet" labels for the bags.

Even the wreath on the front door had lemons (these were fake!).

I bought letters at Walmart and painted them to go along with the color scheme.  I purchased great fruit and raw veggies at Publix and I bought cheese straws from East Lake UMC.  In the picture above, you can see the little tiered round tray on top of the wooden box . . .those are baby bites from a local bakery.  They are sooooo good.  I toasted pecans and served cheese cubes with cubes of ham, turkey, salami, etc.  I placed the cheese/meat items on a tray inside the wooden box.

Once again . . .it is so rare that everything is perfectly clean that I just had to snap a picture.

Sweet bride in the middle and sweet daughter on the right.  My hair was HORRIBLE that day!  It was hot outside and I got up and took my shower and did my hair at 5:00 a.m. because the party started at 11:00 and I needed to get that out of the way but by 11:00 my hair was looking sad!!  The party was not about me (nor my sad hair!) but about this beautiful bride to be!!

The flower girls were big helpers.  They opened LOTS of the presents.

This sweet bride is a part of our family - she and Laura have been friends for several years and she was active in our Tuesday night group.  We tell people that we "claim" her as one of "ours" -- so it was such a pleasure to host a party for her.  She is lovely on the inside and on the outside!

What a fun shower of lemons!!  (p.s. did you know that when lemons mold, they have actual powdery hairy stuff growing out of them!!)

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