Saturday, February 18, 2017

prompts and photos

I looked over my list of writing prompts today and nothing sparked my interest enough to write a whole blog post.  There are a few prompts I might use later.  Thought I would tell you a few that I will not be writing about --
Prompt number 25:  What are you wearing today?  Share your outfit and tell us about your personal style - hahahahahahahaha!!  I have NO style - nada, zip, nothing!  I wish I did!  Today I have on a lime green t-shirt with denim shorts and pink flip flops.  That is my style -- beach???  My cute daughter-in-law has shared her clothing selections on her blog before and it is all so put together - the right scarf and the right shoes.  My husband and my daughter both have style . . .I got left out of the style selection process.
Prompt number 23:  How do you save money on your grocery bill? once again - hahahahaha!  I would be ashamed to tell you how much I spend every week on groceries.  Granted, we do feed an extra 18-20 people every Tuesday night.  I do buy a lot of groceries at Walmart and Target and Costco so I do try to bargain shop.  I also look at the meat ads for the local grocery stores.
Prompt number 16: Do you make your bed in the morning or leave it unmade?  What do you think this says about you? YES YES YES I make my bed every morning and I change my sheets once a week.  I'm not sure what it says about me but I can't stand an unmade bed.  I taught my children to do this but I'm not sure that either of them make their bed every day.

So what should I write about today?  I loaded the pictures from my phone to see if I had any inspiration.  No real inspiration so I'll just tell you what is on my phone -- you can tell I'm really reaching for something to write!!

I made a birthday card this week and I'm going to make some lingerie shower invitations for my daughter's friend.  I do love my silhouette - highly recommend!!

I love this cupola.  It is on the roof of our church and yesterday the sky was so blue that I couldn't resist snapping a photo.  Granted, I took this photo through the window so photo quality may be compromised.  Isn't the cupola lovely? Wasn't the sky beautiful??  I've always thought it would be cool to be able to go inside the cupola!!  See those gorgeous stones on the wall below . . .we are going to have some major repair work done on that area of the church which is going to affect my office and the office of the senior minister.  Wonder where we will land during construction?

Last night, I had a Moscow Mule . . .I waited until 5:00.  Yes, I did!  Then I made waffles and sausage for dinner.  I drank the mule beforehand - not sure they would go together!  Mark offered to bring a pizza home from Papa Murphy's but I had eaten spaghetti three or four times this week and had pizza a couple of times and I just couldn't face anymore.  Mark loves breakfast so Voil√†!

This picture is on my phone because I texted it to my daughter today.  I won't explain why.

The cat and I took a nap this afternoon.  He LOVES to be snuggled up in someone's lap! He was so sweet and cuddly that I snapped a picture!  He is still in the chair asleep.  I wrapped him in the blanket and stood up and put him back in the chair where he remains!!

Writing prompts are great.  My creativity today is not great!  What is everyone else doing this weekend?  Mark is at the farm and I wish he would get home in time to get dinner but I don't think that is going to happen!  Laura is here and we've watched lots of HGTV which has been fun!

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