Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What a Mess!!

Yesterday, I noticed that my office is a complete and total MESS so I took a picture of my desk.  Look at this crazy mess!!

I brought my silhouette cameo to work and I’ve been cutting out a banner for “the calm before the Stork” – a new ministry in our children’s department.  I have a tendency to create and make a mess and then clean up all at once!  I’m going to have to do some cleaning before Sunday J!!

What else do we see in this picture?  In the background you can see a shirt hanging over a chair.  Elaine and Noah got married at Trinity on Saturday and a groomsman (or groom?) left a garment bag and a shirt . . . and my office is the pick up spot!

My birthday was last week and sweet Graham (3 years old!) picked out my balloons and they are still happy so they are still here.  People keep stopping at my door and they ask, “Is today your birthday?  Happy birthday!”  I then have to explain that “no, my birthday was last week but my balloons are still happy!”

I recently made a sign for my office door – This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it – I like it ok but I want something else.  I even googled “decorations for church office door” or something equally as crazy – no luck.  Any suggestions?  I could get a big “E” – would work for both Elliott and Erickson!!

My office is indeed a MESS right now but it will be clean soon – surely!  I decided to google “creative and messy people” and found a great Huffington Post article – here is a quote:
At the same time, a study by Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, found that a cluttered environment helps increase creativity.
“Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights,” she said.

So there!  Are you creative?  Are you messy?

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