Friday, June 19, 2015

The last hurrah . . .almost!

Wanted to document this last event for Andy and Dawn.  Our church hosted a reception for them on a Sunday afternoon.  It is amazing to me that a gym can be transformed into such a lovely space.  I understand it took HOURS of work to hang all that white cloth - surely they were on a Geni lift.  Thank God for young people!!  I thought it was also cool how they hung two chandeliers from the ceiling with chains.  Those chandeliers added a touch of elegance to the church gym!!

Using shutters, they set up a "receiving" area for Andy and Dawn.  I simply hugged their necks and continued to tell them that I was in denial.  I think there were about 500 people who came to the reception.  The committee served cheese straws (the ones made by the man from East Lake UMC - they are delicious!!), petit fours and fruit.  I have no clue if there was other food or not!

Speaking of the food served . . .I love Petit fours.  Have I ever shared that with you?  I LOVE petit fours!!  Since the reception was on Sunday afternoon and our goal was to be the first people in line (Mark's back was killing him and standing in a long line on hard floor is not the best medicine!! - heck - who am I kidding?  Those who know Mark know that we had to hurry up and get there so we could hurry up and leave!  Our life motto :-) ) . . .where was I - I lost my place!  We had just eaten lunch so I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat anything - not even a petit four - at the reception.  On Monday or Tuesday, some of my co-workers went down to the kitchen and scored a box of petit fours and a bag of cheese straws for the office.  THESE ARE SERIOUSLY the best petit fours ever!!  They were very different - not the same kind of icing as normal petit fours and they had filling in them!! (I think they said the petit fours came from Magic Muffin in Cahaba Heights)

Andy preached his last sermon on June 7.  He came by the office on Monday, the 8th to turn in his keys.  As he sat down in the chair across from me, I immediately started telling him (just like he was still my preacher!!) that I had not expected physical pain.  I imagine many of us in the church - though we are so very excited about the future - are still experiencing some grief.  He was the pastor to us for 18 years.  It is hard to turn that off in a moment.
Now then . . .we are on to the future.  Can't wait to see what God is going to do at Trinity UMC in and through Brian Erickson.  I'm so excited that I get to be a tiny part of this exciting future!!

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