Friday, June 5, 2015

Memorial Day weekend

Laura (daughter) wanted to go away for Memorial Day Weekend and that sounded like a good plan to me EXCEPT I needed to come back and facilitate during the Sunday School hour on Sunday.  She had found a house or two on some local lakes on VRBO.  I went online and found a condo on Logan Martin -- about a 45 minute drive from the church.  There were four of us going for the weekend so this three bedroom condo was the perfect size for Laura, Brooke, Katie and me!

We drove up after work on Friday afternoon and began our fun with Chick Fil A - we are an easy to please crowd!  We walked down to the lake after our arrival.  It was straight downhill to the water. There is a nice paved path but it is so steep that you feel like your feet are going to slide right out of your flip flops.  It was a hard walk back up for this rotund old lady!!  But I made it!  Yes, I did!  The girls hitch hiked a ride with a local resident on her golf cart.

The view was lovely!

Of course, I awakened MUCH earlier than the girls on Saturday morning.  I put on my walking shoes and did a tour around the property.  It was a spectacular day!  I often forget how beautiful Alabama is!

The condo complex had boat slips.  It would have been even more fun if we could have spent some time on the lake.

After my walk, the girls were still asleep so I went on to the pool.  I was THE FIRST person at the pool that day.  I could feel my bones soaking up the sun.  OH my goodness!  I needed those vitamins!!

Is this not the largest rabbit you h ave ever seen?  He was hopping across the lawn right outside the pool!!

Andy's office is all cleaned out.  We (the staff) were all invited to come and shop his leftover books.  He handed this one to me.  I took it for humorous reading but I'll be dadgum!  There were actually a few really good nuggets - reminders about how I'm representing Christ and the church and the senior minister.  Of course, I KNOW those things but it is good to be reminded!!

My big shopping event of the weekend was at the Dollar General.  There is at least one Dollar General in every small town in Alabama (I think!!).  They have JUST about anything you could possibly need EXCEPT they did not have any Diet Dr. Peppers in stock (Laura's favorite!).  I just threw on my cover up over my bathing suit and went to the store.  I fit right in!  The store was packed!!

We had a very relaxing weekend!  We spent lots of time at the pool and we went for walks and we read books and we ate junk food!  We even went out to dinner.

This is where we ate dinner - Fat Man's Bar-B-Q!  We sat outside on their porch and had a lovely time.  FYI - don't order their mac and cheese unless you like the kind of mac and cheese that you buy in the freezer section of the grocery store :-)

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