Monday, June 8, 2015

house tour - master bedroom - at the end of year one!

We moved into this house almost a year ago -- we closed on June 17 and moved in that night.  I don't remember ever being that tired in my life.  It was hot as hades and even though we paid a moving company, we still worked hard.  When we arrived at closing, due to a clause in our contract,we had to be totally out of our house.  The moving company arrived and loaded up everything the day before closing.  Seems like they came on a Sunday!  We filled an entire moving van -- after already giving away tons of stuff to places like Community Furniture Bank and the Salvation Army store.  We didn't want to pay for another truck to be stored over night so we thought to ourselves, "surely we can get the remainder of this stuff in our car and truck."  Just FYI - after sleeping on a blow up mattress and cleaning our way out of the house, we left an entire MOUNTAIN at the curb - what wouldn't fit in our vehicles went down to the street.  I hope some pickers came through and found some treats!!  Our cars looked like the Clampett vehicle on steroids.  I even left some plants for the new owners because they WOULD NOT fit.  Sorry - I just had to think back for a few minutes!  So here we are - almost a year later.  Are we finished? NO!  Will we ever be finished?  Probably not.  We both tend to have a simple style - we don't like a lot of tchotchkes (small baubles or miscellaneous items - just in case you didn't know that word!!).  We also like warmer colors than are in style right now, but who cares?  We love it! So . . .
here is the Master Bedroom.  We have tiny windows on that side of the house because it overlooks the neighbor's courtyard.  Our entire street is designed this way and I really like it.
Our wall color is by Sherwin Williams - it is called Quiver Tan SW6151.  We had all egg shell paint in our last home but we weren't smart enough to tell the builder that we would pay extra for egg shell paint in this house. Don't you hate that - hindsight is so much better than having to make a quick decision.
We re-used the sleigh bed that was in our daughter's room in our previous home.  The duvet cover is from Pottery barn and there is a big E monogram in the center.  The lamps are from Lamps Plus.  The bedside tables were our old ones and I spray painted the handles to bronze (from gold). You can check out the how to here.

The pillows on the bed all came from At Home (formerly Garden Ridge).  Two of the pillows on the red bench came from there also - the little E pillow came from pottery barn.  You can't really see the flooring but it is hardwood - Weathered Saddle by Shaw Pebble Hill.  The floor drives Mark nuts but I love it.  He sees every nick and flaw.  I just enjoy.  Our daughter painted the picture on the wall when she was 7 - 20+ years ago.  Our decorator (years ago at the other house) actually asked where that piece of cool art came from!  You can't see it without  enlarging the picture, but on the far bed side table, there is a piece of wood with an angel on it.  Two of our Tuesday night girls gave it to me.

We re-used our old dresser but hung a picture over it rather than a mirror.  I painted the frame on one of our old pictures (everything we had was GOLD!) and I also re-purposed and repainted the buffet lamps - they were in our dining room at the last house.  The little green bowl on the dresser was made by one of my children in a ceramics class at church - a million years ago.  The mirror and desk in the corner are antiques that we have had - from various family members on Mark's side of the family.  We bought several chairs like the one at the desk at Southeastern Salvage (note the red pillow in that chair, too!)  That place is a gold mine.  Even Mark likes to shop there!!  I store envelopes in the cubby on the left top of the desk and I have some commentaries on the right side - along with an angel and a picture frame.  I'm pretty sure this little piece of furniture was considered a writing desk but it works great for a tablet or laptop now!

I LOVE this little red bench.  We thought that all of our furniture was not going to fit in the new house but because this house is shaped differently, we've actually have had to buy a few new pieces (which has been fun!).  I found this little red bench at Hoover Antique Gallery.  The people there are very nice - it is sort of "booths" - different people selling.  They will let you walk around and browse as long as you want.  I bought that furry pillow because it made me happy.  Yes, it did (and still does!!)

The master bathroom adjoins the bedroom.  We continued the same wall color into the bathroom.  You can't see this cool architectural feature in this picture.  Above the lights over the sinks, there is a ledge made of molding.  It looks really cool.  By the way, I have never dusted up there before . . .I probably should, shouldn't I?  The counters are crema marfil (look sort of like marble) and the cabinets are painted Danbury Taupe. The floor in this room is really neat.  It is Tumbleweed Beige - the pieces are 6" by 24" and they are laid like hardwood - but they are tile.  (you can see the tile in the picture down below of the toilet).
Our shower actually won an award on the parade of homes last year.  Just FYI - no one has ever used the bathtub.  Isn't that sad?  You can see the red towel on the right hand wall.  I've used small touches of red against that paint and in the bedroom and I really like the pop.  We had plantation shutters installed throughout the house.  Since I have such horrible allergies, I'm not supposed to have a lot of fabric in each room . . .so no curtains!!
The metal artwork was something that we had somewhere in our old house.  Once again - re-purposing!!

We share a walk in closet.  We've never had to share a closet before.  We are still married.  Some people might not be able to survive sharing a closet.  We are not that neat.  You can see toilet paper on the top shelf and towels stacked in bins on the shelf.  Our house doesn't have a pantry or a linen closet.  Why????  Surely a man designed the floor plan.  Those are my some of my shirts in the bottom left corner.  I try to keep all my shirts sorted by color group!

I hate to end our tour with a picture of the potty (though we have really used it a lot!!)  There is a little separate room in the big bathroom just for the potty.  I have a kitty cat toilet paper holder (bought it after we had to have our SNUG put to sleep last year).  Pretty sure I bought it at bed bath and beyond.  The angel was a gift many years ago.  I tend to keep a few devotion books in the bathrooms . . . you never know when you might need a short (or long!) read!

So there you have it - one room of our abode.  We still need more artwork.  I just keep looking!!  I almost found something on Saturday.  It was a giant wooden fish.  We have this huge expanse of wall upstairs and it would look so cool there BUT IT WASN'T BIG enough!!  I decided to do this home tour because my daughter-in-law, over at Simply Free, started a home tour and I thought it sounded like a fun idea.  I'll have to decide what room to tour next.  I would love to see some of your decorating ideas in your bedrooms and bathrooms!  I can't compete with my boss - he just made special princess beds for his daughters and they even have hidden doorways behind the bookcases!!  You pull on a book and the bookcase opens - just like in an old movie!!!

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