Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's almost time for her to come back to work now!

The other day, I loaded a bunch of pictures onto my blog and I'm trying to make myself write a little every day.  Seems like a good summer goal (which will last a couple of weeks!!).  Now if this were back in the day when I could sign up for the summer reading program - heck, I would be all over it.  I wanted the award every summer for reading THE most books.  The beauty was that we had to walk to the library . . .we had to walk every where we went or we had to ride our bikes . . .so if we sat around reading, we were also getting our exercise!  Sorry for the tangent (those of you who know me well aren't surprised at all!!).

So what is this post about?  This post is about my friend, Marie and her baby boy, Oliver!

Let me tell you about Marie.  She is a lot younger than I am.  She took over my last job when I moved into this job.  She and I have so many things in common that it sort of freaked us out when I was training her.  One of would start telling a story about ourselves and the other one would go, "Oh my gosh -- me, too!" (or some words like that!!)  It is fun to work with younger folks who keep me young.  Marie is one of those younger folks!!

So, after working here a few months, Marie had a surprise.  She found out she was pregnant with her second child.  When they found out that it was a little boy, they picked out the name, Oliver.  I think that is such a cute name.

We planned a baby shower for her and I made the banner to hopefully go with the colors she had in the nursery.  I had no idea that she had a little bit of a jungle theme going -- and I used Monkeys!!

I thought it turned out really cute.  The white board cabinet made a great hanging background.

I had hosted a baby boy shower for another friend recently so I had yards and yards of tulle - green and blue so I just brought it on to work.

Ann picked up balloons and they worked perfectly.  I had used puff balls on my mantle and I brought those along - easy decorations to transport.  We had to do something to spruce up the staff conference room.

Everyone brought brunch type food items.  We had some yummy food that day.  Donna made some of the best strawberry bread that I have ever had!!  I made a new breakfast casserole that was so incredibly easy.  One of the ingredients is a bag of seasoned croutons!  We had fruit and sweet rolls and bagels and all sorts of deliciousness.  
Marie, as the guest of honor, got to serve her plate first!!

The office usually buys the parents a gift card to some place and then several others usually buy small gifts so that the mom (or dad) has a few gifts to open.  I think Marie is the last pregnant person (in the office) for a while -- babies seem to run in cycles!  Maybe there really is something to that old saying about "don't drink the water!!"  (I'm way too old :-))  

Marie will be back at work in a week or so - we sure have missed her!!

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