Sunday, January 2, 2011

This and that

I have lots of pictures from Christmas and New Year's Eve to post . . but those will have to wait. For some reason, it takes forever to upload them to my blog and I have to do it one at a time. So I'll do a post later with pictures about some of the weekend . . .but for now, let's see - we had a great New Year's Eve party on Friday night. We always do a big Gumbo and Goodies party and it has always been the last Friday night before Christmas but that just wouldn't work this year, so we had it on New Year's Eve - it was actually a great night to have it! Some of our friends brought appetizers and desserts to share (along with some adult beverages). I made a gigantic (really!) pot of homemade gumbo with shrimp, chicken, ham and sausage in it. I also made a pot of Chicken and Wild Rice soup. It was a great night (I do have pictures of this night so will post those later). On Saturday, we had the nicest laziest day. I did run out to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. Late in the afternoon, Glenn and Lauren and Jerel and Sarah and Kaylor and Laura were all here. Young adults are so much fun to have in the house. At one point, I was laughing so much I was crying and then at another point, we were having a deep discussion about poverty. I love all of our kid's friends!! They stayed up way too late and I went to bed but could hear them in the bonus room (which is right over our bed!!!!) so I didn't get much sleep - but it was worth it. This morning, both Laura and I were honored to help serve communion. I love serving with Andy - he moves right along. I always have to have on comfortable shoes so that I can walk quickly. At the very end, we served a member who has some special needs. When Andy handed him the bread, he began to weep and when I handed him the "juice" and said, "the blood of Christ shed just for you" he began to sob. He was overcome by God's grace. I was glad that we were almost through because I was having a hard time holding it together. It is sort of hard to weep and serve communion at the same time - you can't wipe your nose and tears are dripping - not a pretty picture. We use hand sanitizer at Trinity before serving (just in case you ever wondered) trying to keep down the spread of germs - one of those fun facts to know and tell. Anyway, after church we went to Sunday School. I had no idea how many folks would be there on this holiday weekend, but we actually had over 40 in class. We talked about making the resolution of "casting your cares" . . and how God is big enough for all our burdens. Then we went to my mother-in-law's for lunch - it was yummy but Laura and I tried really hard to be good and count our points. We both turned down carrot cake and homemade custard and I turned down cornbread. We tried to fill up on veggies! Glenn and Lauren and Jerel and Sara and Laura all sat in the breakfast room. We celebrated Alice's birthday (and I forgot the camera - I guess that is what lack of sleep does!!). We found some great cards. Mark's was especially good!! Then after the Mobile/Montgomery crew left, George and Alice and Grace opened their Christmas gifts. Grandmother wanted to take her tree down today so Alice and I helped her undecorate (is that a word?) her tree and Mark and George dragged it out to the curb. Mark also cut her grass (mostly sucked up the leaves) and cleaned out a gutter that keeps leaking. Quite a busy Sunday, I would say. Now we are home in our own little house and it is so nice to be here . . .and I have one more day of vacation (actually the office is closed tomorrow). Yay! But I'm going to have to hit the ground running on Tuesday - and cram about 48 hours worth of stuff into 24 hours . . .but I have enjoyed the time off - I needed it desperately and didn't realize it. So . . .now I think I'll go find a project . . .or maybe ride the bike and read my book!!

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