Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fried Fish . . .and friends

One of the gifts that Glenn registered for was a really cool deep fryer. Mark saw it and he just had to have one of his own!! We hosted supper club at our house a few weeks ago and Mark used the fryer to fry up some delicious little tiny white bass fillets (from the lake at the farm!!) I wanted Mark to fry the fish outside but . . .you see him setting up the fryer on the kitchen cabinet. The fish were so fresh they didn't smell, but that "fried" smell is so strong . . . but I must admit that it dissipated quickly. He did a great job cooking the fish. One of my favorite ways is to use potato flakes (yes, the kind that you use to make instant mashed potatoes) as the coating. It makes the most delicious, light and flakey crust!! The table was decorated for Christmas. Do you see the little birdhouses on the table? When I was out Christmas shopping, I came across those in a store. I thought they were so cute! The birdhouses were the "party favors." I also found that red burlap at Joann's Fabrics and enjoyed using it on both the kitchen and dining room tables.

I mixed up a pitcher of my new favorite drink . . .yummy!!

As many pictures as I take, I can't believe I have no pictures of our friends!!!! I took these pictures before everyone arrived. I think I put the camera down that night and never picked it back up. We had a delicious dinner and wonderful conversation. A good night spent with the best of friends!!

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