Saturday, January 8, 2011

still no pictures?

I know . . .I know . . .I need to load those pictures and post some . . .I will . . .soon. This has been a great weekend so far. I hit the ground running early yesterday morning and was at the grocery store by 8:00 a.m. Got home and unloaded a million groceries (really - we've been feeding 20-25 folks every Tuesday night - takes A LOT of groceries - plus our regular weekly groceries). Made a breakfast casserole and a pan of symphony brownies (yummy yummy yummy - but I didn't even taste them!). Finished tying the ribbon on the place cards for the rehearsal dinner. Rode the stationary bike for 25 minutes. Took a shower . . .took a deep breath (actually sat down and read my devotion and had a few minutes prayer). Then my friend, Phella, picked me up and drove me to Tuscaloosa. We had a girl's night out and it was fun! We ate dinner at Newk's in Tuscaloosa (she even treated me to dinner and I had never been to Newk's and really enjoyed it!!) and then we went to watch the gymnastics meet at the University of Alabama. Yes - I am a die hard Auburn fan BUT I can cheer for the girl's gymnastics team at another school! They even had a small pep band playing (and you know me - I LOVE the band!!!!). There were about 5500 people in attendance and Alabama won. I really enjoyed watching them. Since Phella is related to someone important, we had excellent seats and it was so amazing what all you could see. We kept thinking of things that we wanted to talk about on our hour's drive home so Phella started a running list on the back of her score card. When we pulled into our driveway about 10:45 last night, I told her that I felt like I had been on a 5 1/2 hour vacation! Brushed my teeth and fell into the bed and the clock went off at 6:00 a.m.. Mark and I are working an Emmaus weekend and we had a team meeting in Columbiana which is about 45 minutes away. I had to cook that breakfast casserole that I mixed up yesterday and cut those symphony brownies, take a shower, dry my hair (all that kind of stuff). I was scheduled to give a practice talk at the meeting. I will be speaking during the actual weekend and when you do that, you give a "practice" talk and the talk is critiqued. Makes me nervous. Anyway, right before we left home, I realized that I had left an entire section out of my talk (about 5 minutes worth). I couldn't do anything about it at that moment, so I grabbed a notepad and my talk notes and our casserole and the brownies and away we went. When we got to the church in Columbiana, I found a quiet Sunday School room away from everyone and said a quick prayer and started writing!! Later in the morning, I "gave" the talk and they loved it. I was so relieved. Emmaus Walks are surrounded and saturated in prayer so all of those prayers worked. After the critique, I told my "critiquers" (I'm sure that is not a word) about having to write that section this morning. None of them had realized it so that was good. We left Columbiana about 2:15 and drove back to Birmingham. I jumped into my car and went to Home Depot and Andy's nursery looking for some pretty white plants to go in the "buckets" for the rehearsal dinner. No luck yet. I think I will call the wholesale florist on Monday to see if they can get what I need. Ran by the grocery store and picked up the stuff for tacos (we are still on Weight Watchers - I've lost 8 pounds so far!!). Cooked a quick supper because Laura was going to the movies and wanted to eat before she went and now I've crashed. The kitchen is a mess ( a HUGE mess) but I'm sitting here with my feet propped up boring y'all with all the details of my whirlwind weekend. Tomorrow is church and Sunday School (and I'm not teaching - taking a 4 week sabbatical - ha ha! right - sounds like I'm important - I actually asked someone to teach for the month of January since we have the wedding and we are working that Emmaus walk). They are predicting major snow and ice for tomorrow afternoon and Monday. Mark told us when it snowed at Christmas and snow stayed on the ground for three days . . .that we would have more snow and dang it, I think he might be right. Actually when they predict it, we usually don't get it. So . . . what have you done this weekend? Anything fun?


  1. How exciting! Congratulations and best wishes to Glenn and Lauren!

  2. I thought this would show up on your most recent blog, but I just realized it didn't. Don't know what happened. :)