Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's start at the beginning!!

Our weekend festivities began with the bridesmaids luncheon on Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Do Di Yo's - a wonderful restaurant here in town. The menu was Feta Cheese Spread/Olives with homemade bread; fresh prasini salad; airline (yes - that is the name of it!!) - airline chicken breast with patates lemonata (those are the most incredible potatoes soaked in lemon juice and olive oil); petite mixed vegetables saute and cake. The wonderful hostesses for this party -- my sister-in-law, Alice (she is married to Mark's identical twin brother, George), Susie - my sister-in-law (Mark's sister); Grandmother (Mark's mother - whose name is also Susie); my sister, Becky -- from Texas. They entertained us all with such grace!!!
The table was lovely. They used a "gift box" theme using the blue of the bridesmaid's dresses and green (which is Lauren's favorite color). They made these unbelievable centerpieces by cutting holes through the boxes and submerging a vase down in the boxes so that it was hidden. It looked like the flowers were on top like a bow!!

Each place card was a small box filled with M&M's . . .that was also the "favor." Mark's mom is of the generation who believes that every party guest must have a favor to take home (which I must admit is nice!!) Alice is a graphic designer and she hand-lettered the names on each place card. Didn't she do a great job?

They carried the gift box theme even to the cake. This is a cake made by Savage's bakery here in town (it was delicious - almond flavoring - yummy! and each piece was huge!!). The cake stand on the bottom is grandmother's (mark's mom) and they took it to the bakery and the lady made the cake on it. This is not just any cake . . .there were charms hidden inside/underneath for each bridesmaid and for the bride. They had "fortunes" on them - sort of like a fortune cookie. Each girl pulled a ribbon and the charm was inside a plastic bag.

ok - funny thing - my sister is Rebecca Sue (she goes by Becky) and my sister-in-law below is Rebecca (I don't know her middle name!!). Our daughter is Laura Rebecca (after my sister) and our new daughter-in-law is Lauren Rebecca . . .so we have lots of Rebecca's in the family - here are two of them!!

Here are the bridesmaids (and bride) who were able to attend. Our daughter, Laura, just began her student teaching and was unable to be there. I sure did miss her!!! One of the other bridesmaids was also unable to attend. They are all such beautiful girls.

Lauren had made a scrapbook for all of her parties and this was the cute page for us to sign. She did a great job. A girl after my own heart!!

The beauty of this party was that we were able to invite a few family members. This is my Aunt Fay (married to my mom's youngest brother - the only sibling still living!!) and my first cousin, Cindy. We have reconnected over the last year and I have so enjoyed spending time with them. Cindy's young adult son died earlier this year of cancer (and left a cute little wife and two little boys and one on the way - who is now here) and they have been blanketed in God's grace. I am so proud to say that they are my family.

Here is a picture of that delicious plate that I described at the first of the post. YUMMY!!

Another family member that was able to attend is Joann. She is our step-mother. She was married to our dad for five years before he died. We don't get to spend enough time with her so I was so honored that she was able to come!!!
Here is a picture of Lauren trying to read her "fortune." You can see Alice standing by with a napkin in hand to help wipe away some of the frosting. Such a cute idea!!

Before the very first party way back in August (I can't believe that!!), I bought a large number of collapsible baskets for us to use as hostess gifts for all of the parties. Lauren found these wonderful crosses for Alice, Becky, Susie and Grandmother and she used the baskets as "wrapping." I think the crosses are so cool!!!

Last but not least, here is a picture of Lauren's mom, Ann, who I have so enjoyed getting to know and look forward to many years of all of us together!! Lauren is in the middle and there I am on the right! What a perfect beginning to our weekend of festivities. I feel so blessed. Mark's mom had asked if I would say the blessing at the lunch and I could have prayed for a long time - because I have such a grateful heart!!

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